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bloodsucking African fly

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OR maomao / Marmar OU porporate / purpurate OZ toetoe / tzetze OS ochavo / schavs OY topo / typy
ST shingles / thinglet SW shes / whew SZ tsetse / tzetze SV salse / valve SY lasers / layery
Byzantine scholiast John Tzetzes (in Parsons, 1952) estimated that it contained over 532,800 rolls (including the 42,800 rolls in its nearby sister library, the Sarapeum), and by the mid-first century BCE it is said to have contained over 700,000 rolls (Aulus Gellius, 7.
500 Alanic Saka (Khotanese, 1000 Zelencuk, Late Sogdian (Tumshuqese) Tzetzes 1500 Jasz 2000 Ossetic Yaghnobi
In Blum's overall reconstruction, it is the catalogue and the research underlying it that are emphasized, and thus greater authority is attributed to the testimony of Tzetzes than is normally the case.