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a male monarch or emperor (especially of Russia prior to 1917)

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But now Tzar has been given temporary refuge by a Hudders-field-based animal charity and is looking for a permanent new home.
According to him, Ahmeti should remove the monument of Tzar Dushan because it serves as provocation to the Albanians, to equally allocate the state budget and regulate the legal-political status of the Albanians, not with percentages.
The device of the Court of the Red Tzar, when Stalin was murdering ministers, no one knows who will get the bullet next or what will happen.
Duffield's Tzar Du Paon faces a tough test, as does the Jaci Wickham-trained Kareem W'rsan.
If anything good came out of this horror story it was the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the success of the Russian revolution in 1917 which overthrew the corrupt Tzar of Russia.
But he picked up an array of complimentary titles such as "the tzar of zapping" and "the beach boy of channel surfing" thanks to his remarkable product.
POLICE chiefs today hit back after a United Nations drugs tzar branded parts of Liverpool "no-go" areas run by dealers and gangsters.
Central Military Club [7 Tzar Osvoboditel Blvd, tel: 02/ 980 6715] Parov Stelar - December 2, 9pm.
Killing Cancer is urging the Department of Health to make PDT more widely available on the NHS and is holding talks with the government's cancer tzar Professor Mike Richards.
Li Tzar Kai Richard, chairman of PCCW Limited, has acquired additional 340,000 shares in the company, at HK$1.
A major factor in encouraging him to sue was learning that the safety limit over the race's distance of 1m22yds was reduced following the incident, which resulted in two horses, including Lake's mount, the John Best-trained Tzar, having to be destroyed.
Meanwhile, the National Federation of Retail Newsagents called for the government to appoint a community tzar who would prevent the breakdown of communities through expansion of the multiples.
To date he has chalked up over 300 shows worldwide, is hailed as the Tzar of British theatre and is now a multi-millionaire.