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Synonyms for tyrannise

rule a country as a tyrant

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rule or exercise power over (somebody) in a cruel and autocratic manner

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It is appalling that civil servants should tyrannise citizens in this way, apart from displaying incompetence which might be described as criminal.
PARENTS and others will no doubt have been alarmed to read so many reports lately about children and young people allegedly being given the power to tyrannise teachers and, in some cases, make or break careers.
What these apologists fail to realise is that it is virtually impossible to be specific about such matters under the libel laws which tyrannise the press in Britain.
But gradually they became what a medieval king would have called 'over-mighty subjects', and began to raid your wallet and bank account, to fill your larder with inferior goods and generally to tyrannise over you.
What will the other states who tyrannise their people, the terrorists who threaten our existence, what will they take from that?
You have security, and no landlord could tyrannise you.
Your husband is using the marriage licence as a weapon to tyrannise you.
All normal human emotions atrophy except one, the instinct for self-preservation and, allied to it, the itch to tyrannise.
The plastic grins, the tired dance routines, the loss of magic, the elderly producers, the interchangeable young bodies - these things tyrannise pop music today.
So, by inclination, I encourage rather than tyrannise those around me.