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Synonyms for tyrannical

Synonyms for tyrannical

characterized by or favoring absolute obedience to authority

Synonyms for tyrannical

marked by unjust severity or arbitrary behavior

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characteristic of an absolute ruler or absolute rule

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Not tting into any camp are the Divergents, which Kate Winslet's tyrannical leader rules to be a threat to society.
Judge Behrens said, far from being tyrannical towards his mother, there was nothing about Mr Hinch's character or behaviour to arouse the suspicion of the court.
However, mujtahids (scholars of Islamic law) have been unable to come to an agreement over a single style or method for changing or overthrowing tyrannical or repressive regimes.
I have crossed to Turkey and defected from this tyrannical regime .
The Tunisian people overthrew one of the most tyrannical and corrupt Arab regimes, which was subject to the control of global powers.
It's about his tyrannical attitude in forcing me to play in the tournaments irrespective of my preferences," Humpy wrote on the website.
Would it not more fitting to celebrate it in Zimbabwe or Sundan among the oppressed and starving people there andshow his support for them against tyrannical regimes?
Russia should not fear those who love freedom, we are not the tyrannical nations we once were.
The novel, set in the author's home state of Connecticut, follows the misadventures of a tyrannical nonprofit CEO, Honor Vine, and the eventual struggle that develops over the heart and soul of the group.
Dr John Sentamu, who fled Uganda in the 1970s, criticised Home Secretary John Reid's calls for 90-day detention, likening it with his home country under the tyrannical rule of Idi Amin.
All poems are sublimely translated into English; some are from the years of the tyrannical regime of Nicolae Ceausescu, others are during the cultural proliferation that followed.
In "Idaho's Elk Ranch Tragedy," (THE NEW AMERICAN, November 13), the new Governor Risch, in classical tyrannical fashion, ordered the destruction of private property--Rammell's elk--said elk having to date no sign of disease whatsoever and being pure descendants of the treasured Yellowstone herd, not hybrids.
She is impeded in her goal by her selfish and willful 14-year-old sister and a tyrannical father; she also becomes distracted by what she thinks might be love for a swain from the upper classes.
Under Saddam, though we had a tyrannical government, homosexuals were allowed some sexual freedom, a certain tolerance in Baghdad, as long as it was not an in-your-face sexuality.
It depicts a musty studio run by a furtive, tyrannical teacher who torments his eager student.