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Beatty-Guenter (1994) proposes a typology of retention strategies at a community college.
More fundamental is the lack of convincing evidence of how the typology is useful in understanding urban and community dynamics in any profound way.
John Ogbu and his colleagues (1974, 1978, 1987, 1989, 1991a, 1991b, 1992; Ogbu & Matute-Bianchi, 1986; Matute-Bianchi, 1991; Gibson & Ogbu, 1991) developed a typology to explain deferential performance of minority groups through classification according to the following categories: autonomous, immigrant, and castelike.
Chapter 9 presents data on the survival and job creation behavior of new firm s classified in Kirchhoff's typology of dynamic capitalism.
39) However, Morrison does not use scriptural figures and stories in one-to-one correspondence to characters and subplots in Sula, nor does she employ traditional biblical typology, a deliberate displacement of type by anti-type.
The original VALS program was extensively reconfigured in 1989 to address the complexities of today's consumer marketplace, and we have continued to gather client feedback and to incorporate it into our typology," said Wong.
The subject of the first part of the task is to verify the typology of water bodies and boundaries of surface water bodies including the assignment of the type and terms of reference to particular types of all categories of water and the development of a draft list of transboundary water bodies.
This work looks at the cultural foundation of the Lhasa townhouse, and seeks to define a typology for these structures.
WHO (1996) typology and the recently (2007) proposed modified WHO one have been criticized.
Farm Household Typology, a classification system of today's farm, illustrates how agrimarketers can effectively and efficiently capitalize on opportunities presented by farm structure changes.
When considering the typology of the office building, he cites his influence as 'Mies via SOM'.
It also covers false allegation investigations, the typology of offenders who commit assaults on children, the latest on cyberstalking pedophiles and investigations thereof, and the identification and use of collateral materials in sexual crime investigations and prosecutions.
Using biblical typology as his method of interpretation (see Satterlee and Ruth, Creative Preaching on the Sacraments), Paul treats Moses as a type of the apostles and their ministry.
The sampling in "Exit" is organized by theme, typology, and, finally, media, representing subjects, objects, and trends that make up the current scene.
Such models are unable to cope with early (pre-1800) materials because the paucity of documents does not allow a firm typology to be established; as a result, the patterns drawn by scholars lack time depth and are biased towards a reflection of affairs in the nineteenth century.