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This then is responsible for the typologically unusual ordering PERSON-TENSE.
See also the Triptych of the Burning Bush by Nicolas Froment (1435-1486), which represents Judaism in relation to Mary as an old man who typologically suggests Moses, Zachariah, Joachim, and Joseph.
In the place of Pater's undead lady--"like the vampire, she has been dead many times"--Ruskin calls us to adore the resurgent martyrdom of a Christian virgin, whose existence resonates typologically across time, whose life is "everywhere" through her saintly intercessions and through our own conversional response to her.
For example, typologically, locational information is mostly encoded in NPs and not in predicates, with the exception of the so-called positionals, e.
As Hans Frei describes the hermeneutics of the reformers, despite wide variation in other matters, Luther, Calvin, English Puritans, and others all agreed that the Bible was to be interpreted typologically.
Indeed, at first glance the images in "Ocean" are more reminiscent of the compositional schemas of Morris Louis or the tonal values of Ross Bleckner's paintings than of the typologically systematized, conceptually rigorous works of Gursky's former teachers Bernd and Hilla Becher, or even the archival photographic projects of Ed Ruscha, Douglas Huebler, or Hans-Peter Feldmann, with their emphasis on contingency and indifference.
Though Klause dismisses the notion that Donne intended the poem to be set to music for church services and perhaps the liturgy, he reads the poem politically as a statement about a suffering nation--or, more specifically, he reads it typologically as it reflects the current religious conflicts of the reformation and counter-reformation, as it refers to England as a fallen Jerusalem for Catholics (the first, lost, version of this poem) to England as a fallen Jerusalem for Protestants (the 1608 version) (343-347).
It is well recognized that Chinese is typologically different from English, the former being topic-prominent and the latter subject-prominent (Li and Thompson, 1976).
The focus of teaching is to prepare for the learning process all necessary documents that are available for students at AIS: free distributed version of ANSYS, typologically ready set of examples with its commands attached files (ie.
Exorcism typologically originated from Greek word "exorkizein" to be "out--of --oath.
The display has been arranged typologically and Brustolon's work is convincingly contextualised in terms of his contemporaries and mentors, in particular the sculptor Filippo Parodi, whose most famous ensemble, in the sacristy of the Santo in Padua, clearly influenced Brustolon in his middle years.
This grammaticalization pattern has been attested in typologically different languages (see Heine--Kuteva 2002: 161-163); aside Germanic languages like English, also in Romance languages (cf.
Dante would have had to read the various episodes in Statius symbolically or typologically in order to create a logical basis for the Latin poet's conversion to Christianity.
Rijkhoff 1990, 1991, 1992, 2002), which is based on a large sample of typologically diverse languages, grammatical and lexical modifiers (i.
Among the typologically most distinctive phonemic traits in northern Jazira is the reflex of * g.