typographical error

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a mistake in printed matter resulting from mechanical failures of some kind

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On January 1, 2010, CDFD wrote me a letter in reference to my letter dated December 12, 2009 in which I asked them to correct the typographical error.
The number in the formula that specifies the pattern for each mirror's curvature has nine significant digits, Westphal says, and this raises the possibility that the mistake resulted from something as small as a typographical error.
STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- Please note that there was a typographical error in the summary of consolidated income statement on the first page in the previously today sent out interim report.
The Rogan campaign called the inaccuracy an innocent typographical error.
But I can't honestly say that I gained a thing from their having been connected with Winch (or Schutz), or, again, with Garfinkel, As for the startling "Which," be assured that he or she is not listed in the' index, but is a typographical error.
The statistic was reported accurately in the text of a traffic news release issued earlier today but was reported inaccurately in an accompanying table because of a typographical error.
Due to a typographical error referencing the first quarter instead of the second quarter in the Berkshire Hills Bancorp, Inc.
Unfortunately, a vexing (and highly ironic) typographical error repeatedly renders Rinaldo's horse "Baiardo" as "Boiardo" (the author of Orlando innamorato) and results in nonsensical phrases, such as "Rinaldo's decision to pursue Boiardo" and "Gradasso's desire for Boiardo" (37).
At first you think it's a typographical error, or maybe the statistician left the game midway through the first quarter and never returned.
The company apologizes for any confusion regarding the typographical error that occurred in its last release regarding the dollar amount of its buyback plan, the company is fully committed to the complete and accurate issuance of information and will take extra steps in the future regarding the proofing of future information releases," stated Abraham Rosenman President of First Guardian Financial Corporation.
That's either a colossal turnabout or a typographical error.
Somehow, at some unknown time, Jordan's body rewrote his genetic legacy and stopped his disease, correcting a tiny but crucial typographical error in one stretch of DNA.
It was a typographical error that Greg Norman could have ignored, if he hadn't been held accountable by his conscience.
Due to a typographical error, presentation materials and subsequent press reports have indicated that AIG's Lexington Insurance Company subsidiary would reduce gross and net coverage by 20 percent to 25 percent in catastrophe areas.