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a mistake in printed matter resulting from mechanical failures of some kind

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Tendering for the completion of an evb-it service agreement for the migration of the internet pages of the thuringian state chancellery from the cms lmperia to typo 3 (while changing the design and the provider) and providing services around the new website of the thuringian state chancellery 06.
One wrote: "I bet you knew the second you made that typo we were going to drag you to depths.
Washington, Apr 16 ( ANI ): Typo has reportedly stopped the sale of its add-on keyboard for the iPhone, after an injunction won by Blackerry took effect.
So it makes sense that the Canadian smartphone maker is seeking to protect its keyboard IP rights at all costs, bad news for Ryan Seacrest-backed start-up tech company Typo Products LLC.
I don't think any voter cares about a typo at the end of the day.
The typo, in an article on the upcoming vice presidential picks due from McCain and Barack Obama and written by one of the top AP political scribes, Nedra Pickler, was soon corrected but can still be found viewed via Google at numerous news sites early this morning.
But the labels contained a typo, according the lawsuit Rocket & Rollie filed in U.
I just got my print version of The Newsletter on Newsletters and found a typo in my page 4 Reporter's Notebook, one that was not picked up by Jo.
Part of the reason Vinogradava was hired was that DataArt had signed some important clients, and a typo on an invitation to a corporate party was no longer an option.
Also, I hope it is just a typo that made Petrash list the wrong amendment as that which guaranteed a woman's right to vote.
Not $750 billion as the Miss Communication typo gremlin would have you think.
In one demonstration we jotted a few words following the new script rules and the program translated the message quickly without a typo.
com, the coupon code database, and the creators of the Secret Amazon Discount Finder, announce the newest Web site to be added to the bargain-hunter's arsenal - Typo Buddy.
Tenders are invited for Construction of 3 Nos typo IV and 3 Nos typo III quarters for General Pool accommodation at Agatti (G*2) (Near P R Junction).
Four employees at a Chinese state news agency were suspended following a typo in a report that suggested President Xi Jinping was resigning.