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writing paper suitable for use in a typewriter

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Upon its return, in the Ransom Rest it could barely keep five consecutive shots on a piece of typing paper at 50 yards.
MATERIALS * Paper towels, toilet paper, paper bags, old office paper, typing paper, napkins and construction paper * Liquid starch * Gel gloss medium * Food coloring * Tempera paint * Old window or door screen still in frame * Sponge * Large plastic tub * Flannel fabric * Blender * Water * Books by Eric Carle
Practice designs on newsprint or typing paper first and then transfer the design to one of the following options: white or black construction paper and render with colored pencil; Scratch Lite film or Scratch Board and render with Scratch Art[R] tools.
The umpire's strike zone was about as big as a piece of typing paper,'' Wolverines' coach Terry Elledge said, laughing.
After I'd helped clear the dishes, I sat down with a stack of typing paper and a freshly sharpened pencil.
Bring in some typing paper or stationery that have watermarks on them.
The similar behavior found in newsprint, typing paper, and mylar sheets may also characterize other materials in different settings.
Some have handwritten additions, while others are copied onto the cheapest kind of typing paper.
Under the new recycling law, known as Local Law 87, office buildings, stores, supermarkets, manufacturers and other commercial buildings must arrange for the following items to be recycled: corrugated cardboard (flattened boxes), high-grade office paper (white bond: letterhead, typing paper, copier stock, computer printout, etc.
With a footprint smaller than a sheet of typing paper, and capable of both battery and AC operation, the VetScan analyzer is at home in a variety of veterinary office and mobile environments.
That paper stock is reprocessed into typing paper for which demand still runs high.
paper, white envelopes, typing paper, index cards and computer
Out of the box, not only could it not go a full magazine without a malfunction (and never the same one twice in a row), it could barely keep all five shots on a sheet of typing paper at 50 yards.
29 issue had people ordering so many extra copies that we went back to press and reprinted the report as a 16-page separate supplement, the size of a sheet of typing paper for easy handling and filing.