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a long strip of inked material for making characters on paper with a typewriter


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They can supply you with anything from a typewriter ribbon to a toner cartridge at prices that just can't be matched.
The founder and major owner of CFCI, he came into holography by a different route, recognising the need for his company to find new products as the typewriter ribbon business faded away.
Open at Bellerive sometime in the early 1960s, but my major impression of that event was the golf writer of the Times of London, whose paper paid for him to hire a secretary so that he could dictate his stories, without having to get his fingers inky from contact with a typewriter ribbon.
The gramophone and the typewriter ribbon were patented and radio signals detected for the first time.
In August 1912, the board of commissioners purchased its first typewriter ribbon, probably for a typewriter that one of the county employees had purchased for his or her own use, the commissioners' minutes having recorded no payment for a typewriter to that date.
Chuck smudged the bill so state accountants would think the money was for something else - typewriter ribbon, I guess.
A few lines from Montale which serve as epigraph-on "time reversible like a typewriter ribbon," on "past and future separated by only a moment between them"-express a sense of the historical which runs both counter to the traditional and at the same time recognizes the fundamental impulse of the historical novel: its relevance to the present.
cold coffee dregs in the cup, a new pack of cigarettes, the typewriter ribbon needs replacing, and that tasteless soup for lunch again, I tolerate it in humble gratitude, hoping I'll learn to enjoy it someday.
The Rafa entry, for example, was typed on a different sort of paper from the entries preceding and following it, with different typewriter ribbon ink, and there are even oddities in the sequence of page numbers.
If the anonymous notes have been prepared on a typewriter, the best source of evidence is the typewriter ribbon.
I can't believe that some of our college interns and new hires at Hewlett-Packard have never used carbon paper or dirtied their fingers changing a typewriter ribbon.
FEAST DAY ST NOTBURGA 1886: The typewriter ribbon was patented by George Anderson of Memphis, Tennessee.
1886 - The typewriter ribbon was patented by George Anderson of Memphis, Tennessee.
Typewriter ribbon examination has entered the computer age with the use of a new tool, known as RAW-1 Ribbon Analysis, by Envisage Systems, Ltd.