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a keyboard for manually entering characters to be printed

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1) The name "QWERTY" for our typewriter keyboard comes from the first six letters in the top alphabet row (the one just below the numbers).
I was addressing the letters on the standard and what I thought was the only English pre-computer typewriter keyboard, the QWERTY, which I'll bet is the one all Word Ways readers use, including Rex.
The standard typewriter keyboard is Exhibit A in the hottest new case against markets.
An article in the January 1996 Harvard Law Review, for example, invokes the typewriter keyboard as support for a thesis that pure luck is responsible for winners and losers, and that our expectation of survival of the fittest should be replaced by survival of the luckiest.
0 One can similarly measure the distance traveled on a QWERTY typewriter keyboard to spell out various words, using http: //ww.
The total travel distance for similarly-sized squares laid out on a typewriter keyboard is 964564575.
He likes to cite the QWERTY system on the typewriter keyboard and the triumph of VHS over Betamax as instances where a possibly inferior technology has become enshrined by the market.
For example, one can retain rules A through D and add two new ones: right versus left hand on a Dvorak typewriter keyboard, and odd versus even-numbered letters on a telephone dial.
Assuming that the thumb is your first finger, the index finger your second, and so on to the pinkie your fifth, here are the words in which each character typed on a qwerty typewriter keyboard by your nth finger appears precisely n times in the word:
Although more efficient typewriter keyboards have been designed in the 127 years since QWERTY keyboards made their debut, the physical investment in keyboards and the intellectual investment in people familiar with typing on them has prevented the adoption of a more efficient keyboard.
But the men, who had little understanding of office automation and a macho aversion to typewriter keyboards, peered in a standoffish way and asked, `Oh, can it do that?
Not only will this klear up konfusion, but typewriter keyboards will have one less letter.