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And that's all right," said the doctor, serenely, to the typewriter.
The secretary turned to the typewriter, and their eyes met (out of that was born a story - nothing to do with this story).
The secretary and typewriter sat together on the stamped Spanish-leather cushions by the plate-glass observation-window at the rear end, watching the surge and ripple of the ties crowded back behind them, and, it is believed, making notes of the scenery.
I had already noticed the peculiarities of the typewriter, and I wrote to the man himself at his business address asking him if he would come here.
And what wouldn't I give that he should be alive now, seeing what we're going to see--" but reflecting that the glories of the future depended in part upon the activity of her typewriter, she bobbed her head, and hurried back to the seclusion of her little room, from which immediately issued sounds of enthusiastic, but obviously erratic, composition.
Clacton to enchanted people in a bewitched tower, with the spiders' webs looping across the corners of the room, and all the tools of the necromancer's craft at hand; for so aloof and unreal and apart from the normal world did they seem to her, in the house of innumerable typewriters, murmuring their incantations and concocting their drugs, and flinging their frail spiders' webs over the torrent of life which rushed down the streets outside.
To him, she supposed, Mary Datchet, composing leaflets for Cabinet Ministers among her typewriters, represented all that was interesting and genuine; and, accordingly, she shut them both out from all share in the crowded street, with its pendant necklace of lamps, its lighted windows, and its throng of men and women, which exhilarated her to such an extent that she very nearly forgot her companion.
But that typewriter proved to me that I had a pipe-stem for a back.
All my waking hours, except those with that infernal typewriter, were spent in a creative heaven.
At night she brought home papers with handwriting on them and made copies with her typewriter.
I have two lady typewriters underneath me, and this enthusiastic old humbug on top.
The city seemed crowded with inexperienced stenographers and typewriters, and they had nothing but their own inexperience to offer.
Kumar always put his typewriter on a table and sat on a broken plastic chair at the rear gate of the General Post Office from 10 am to 5 pm every day and earn between ` 100 and ` 200 a day by typing documents for people, mostly students.
Every conference room here at Medium is named after a typewriter company.
Dmitri's first question was: What are the longest words that can be typed entirely on the top row of letter-keys on the standard typewriter keyboard--QWERTYUIOP?