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The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to enter into a contractual agreement with a successful bidder and select a suitable contractor to carry out the following work: Regular, extremely time-sensitive, bi-lingual (English/French) typesetting services.
Jacey, who will continue to do the typesetting and layout said : "I'd like to thank everyone who has helped get Village Voice from my computer to your letterbox over those 10 years, especially Steve Ashton for the all-weather trudging, above and beyond the call of duty.
Publishers can select a combination of HarperCollins proprietary electronic typesetting and digital workflow tools with LibreDigital's digitisation, digital warehousing, and Internet display and distribution technologies, the companies said.
From implementing mathematical and scientific typesetting to structuring the document for online publication, Publicon does it all with the click of a few buttons.
Council engineering chiefs blamed typesetting errors at the sign manufacturers for the mistakes.
Some, such as typesetting, can be learned in a few months.
Faulty typesetting and inattentive proofreading led to the substution of principle for principal in the second paragraph of Susheela N.
Clarendon PR & Marketing has opened an in-house design & production studio in Leamington after buying Nonpareil Typesetting and renaming it Clarendon Studio.
By re-entering and reformatting your text in roman characters, and accurately inserting the accented characters for your target language, most reliable printers can do a sufficient job of typesetting your translated business cards.
Final examples of editorial vacuity are the sloppy typesetting at the bottom of page 26, missing copy after the first two words of a sentence (30), and more botched typesetting with sentences dangled and repeated (31 and 32).
Several typesetting errors appeared in the article, "Effects of Supplemental Coverage on Use of Services by Medicare Enrollees" in the Fall 1997 issue of the HCFA Review.
Diplomatic editions differ from facsimiles by carefully reproducing in modern typesetting important features of the manuscript, including exact lineation, spelling, and abbreviations.
New computerized concordances, for example, virtually eliminated a heretofore brisk publishing business in typesetting and publishing printed concordances to literary works, indicating the frequency of word use and relationships among idiomatic phrases.
Due to a typesetting error in our October issue, the last line was dropped from Taylor Branch's book review on page 51.
Whether your interest is in traditional typesetting or the latest electronic composition and computer imaging, you'll be pleased to have this unique resource on your bookshelf.