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By thinking expansively about typography as a computational act, this essay considers the convergence of changes within mathematics, computing, and typesetting that made desktop publishing possible.
At the last stage before printing, the new program for typesetting inexplicably reversed the sequence of the lettering in some Hebrew words on page 132 of the September issue.
Jacey, who will continue to do the typesetting and layout said : "I'd like to thank everyone who has helped get Village Voice from my computer to your letterbox over those 10 years, especially Steve Ashton for the all-weather trudging, above and beyond the call of duty.
Publishers can select a combination of HarperCollins proprietary electronic typesetting and digital workflow tools with LibreDigital's digitisation, digital warehousing, and Internet display and distribution technologies, the companies said.
TeX is a typesetting programming language that offers the user the ability to define macros in creating the final document.
Seybold set out to change the face of computerized typesetting.
NATIONAL FINALIST: Kubota Tractor Corporation / Paulsen Marketing Communications Caterpillar / Rhea & Kaiser Marketing Communications PBI Gordon Corporation / Cabrera Creative Design and To The Point Typesetting
May I close by declaring that Thorne's publisher does her and her book no service by placing the notes at the end; in an age of computerized typesetting, notes to scholarly books should again, and always henceforth, be what they once were--footnotes.
Overnight, typesetting became an in-house activity.
BANK bossess made a good impression with a Liverpool typesetting firm by handing over almost pounds 1,000 in a promotional push.
Your final documents can be set with or without typesetting, you can save and send them as text or picture files, and you can even post them on the Web.
But to deal with the nightmare of typesetting 128 years of school history, The Crimson has turned to Third World workers as a source of cheap labor -- a fact that appears to contradict The Crimson's stance of supporting a "living wage" for campus employees.
Council engineering chiefs blamed typesetting errors at the sign manufacturers for the mistakes.
Some, such as typesetting, can be learned in a few months.
Faulty typesetting and inattentive proofreading led to the substution of principle for principal in the second paragraph of Susheela N.