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Typesetters and miners have had to find other work.
In the category depending on manual dexterity, losing job categories cited were tool and die makers, butchers, lathe operators, sewing machine operators, and typesetters.
Many nineteenth-century typesetters produced outstanding work.
Plus, if you've been in the business awhile, you can remember the things you do not have to deal with any longer--such as production typists or outside typesetters, addressograph plates, file drawers of 4X6 cards with handwritten subscriber records.
This meant he was making up the pages of brochures and small booklets by cutting copy set by typesetters and laying it out on the page, following a page design.
They were down to those darned gremlins who are still as active in today's hi-tech world of publishing as they were in the days of hot metal and inky-fingered typesetters.
Typesetters used blocks of type that were mirror images of letters, so it would be easy to mix up lower case p and q.
Drawing on his own work, as well as the recent studies by Christoph Reske (see below) and other scholars, Fussel points out that the production of this work was really a community project of several Nurembergers: Hartmann Schedel was the author or rather compiler of the book; Sebald Schreyer and Sebastian Kammermeister assumed the financial risk for the project; Georg Alt translated Schedel's Latin into German for the German edition; Michael Wolgemut, Durer teacher, and Wilhelm Pleydenwurff, were entrusted with the task of illustrating the chronicle; and Anton Koberger, whose printing offices ran 24 presses and employed around 100 typesetters, was responsible for the actual printing.
In closing I wish to thank all our loyal readers, our printers Colour Books, typesetters Wendy Commins and Michael Lynam, Don O'Rourke for his creative colour designs, and our sponsors, UCD and EBS.
For these reasons, there are SGML-based text editors, typesetters, and document management products, and many organizations have placed document content in a standard format by using SGML.
Secretaries, accountants, clerks, and typesetters all have mastered the machine, but their pay has not risen.
com LaserMaster(R) Plain-Paper Typesetters, Chemical-Free FilmSetters http://www.
Their software programs gave us the skills that once belonged exclusively to bookkeepers, typesetters and page designers.
When they converted to electronic typesetting, Van Dyne had to learn to type in order to keep his job, since the Linotype keyboard differed from the typewriter keyboard used by the new electronic typesetters.