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During much of the nineteenth century, there was a great rush to create automatic typesetting systems that would free human typesetters from the drudgery of selecting, setting, and redistributing type.
Typesetters and miners have had to find other work.
On detonation day, the Daily Express editor (played by real-life legendary editor Arthur Christiansen) instructs the typesetters to prepare two front pages, one headlined "World Saved" and the other "World Doomed.
Without denying the repressive nature and intent of censorship--here referring to both prepublication censorship and to expurgation of passages from previously published books--Raz-Krakotzkin focuses our attention on the role of censorship as a mediating factor between author and reader, assigning to the censor the role of cultural agent In Raz-Krakotzkin's account, the censor takes his place alongside other new professionals such as editors and typesetters.
Two possibilities automatically present themselves: the typesetters just failed to set the title, or Cervantes wasn't keeping proper track of his chapter numbers.
Highly praised for their work in fine press printing and publishing by The New York Times and the Village Voice, among others, Jon and Louise risked health and fortune working late into the night as printers, typesetters, promoters and editors to produce not only The Outsider, but four other books under Loujon's imprint (two by Charles Bukowski and two by Henry Miller).
He was unstinting in his support and went out of his way to iron out production problems such as finding me typesetters and contributors.
Deissler does not point out the irony in this latter policy, that Hitler himself had denounced 'Fraktur' as a Jewish plot in 1941 and ordered the expanded use of Roman Antiqua type, to the consternation of German typesetters.
He analyzes the Odhecaton A, Petrucci's typesetters, half-sheet imposition, printed music books of the Italian Renaissance, the Salzbury liturgy and single-impression printing, early printing for specialized markets, anonymous compositions, publishers' influence on taste, notational spelling, false relations, and performance practices at the Sistine Chapel.
Charlotte also contacted typesetters, found reasonable printers, and even orchestrated the cover designs.
In the category depending on manual dexterity, losing job categories cited were tool and die makers, butchers, lathe operators, sewing machine operators, and typesetters.
Many nineteenth-century typesetters produced outstanding work.
Plus, if you've been in the business awhile, you can remember the things you do not have to deal with any longer--such as production typists or outside typesetters, addressograph plates, file drawers of 4X6 cards with handwritten subscriber records.
This meant he was making up the pages of brochures and small booklets by cutting copy set by typesetters and laying it out on the page, following a page design.
They were down to those darned gremlins who are still as active in today's hi-tech world of publishing as they were in the days of hot metal and inky-fingered typesetters.