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one who sets written material into type

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9) This appears to be the first mechanical typesetter to use principles of computation.
My first real job was working nights as an advert typesetter for the Coventry Evening Telegraph 5) What was your first wage?
When the copy finally went to the typesetter, it was such a relief, that I needed another cigarette to relax.
The typesetter sent the last-but-one version," said a HarperCollins spokesman.
THE FORMATS ARE ALL MODERN, BUT FOR newspapers looking to present content on a variety of tablets and e-readers, the process may seem like using several old typesetter languages for output.
After beginning his working life as an apprentice typesetter at the Colne Valley Guardian, he moved to the Examiner in 1963 where he remained for 10 years.
Martha Helms worked as a bookkeeper, typesetter and file clerk for the elections department.
When old man Garcia, the veteran typesetter at the print shop, died, he left behind a widow and a bicycle in good condition.
The issue was black and white, cold-type set where text was sent on disc to a typesetter service who then sent back rolls and rolls of type to ABM's designer, who waxed the rolls and laid it out in her studio.
Could a typesetter miss it if it was in the manuscript?
For three more years the Gazette was taken to a typesetter while the photographs were scanned and pasted manually, a labour-intensive process, which made changes time-consuming.
Alice Bower lived in Vermillion, South Dakota, where she occasionally worked as a typesetter and cared for her younger siblings.
Already a multilingual and experienced newspaper typesetter, writer, and translator, Francisco P.
In 1986, one of their sons opened Sunland Printing and Copy Center and she worked there as his office manager and typesetter.