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one who sets written material into type

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Soon after, he became interested in production work and, since then, has worked as a typesetter, compositor and a pasteup artist.
Michael Turner, 55, a typesetter from Marton, said: "I'm Mr Angry.
The word Bacon used was 'adventive', which, in 17th century orthography, was written 'adventure', and it seems that in one edition of Bacon's work, the penultimate letter of that word was placed upside down by the typesetter, producing 'adventine'.
Color, too, is integral to her work; in fact, the spooner- and malaprop-like constructions in which she delights are often dependent on it, or on adjusted letter placements that no typesetter would allow.
Born in Leeds, the son of a typesetter, the family moved to Darlington when he was five and he grew up there.
Then he became the fastest typesetter in Canada and progressed from that to being a reporter and a member of the editorial staff.
He joined the then Newcastle Weekly Chronicle as a typesetter and was quickly made editor.
I knew Irv and his wife, Shelley, who was my typesetter during my long tenure as editor of the now defunct B'nai Brith Messenger, the nearly century-old Los Angeles Jewish weekly.
Richardson worked as a printer and typesetter before establishing Success Printing in San Francisco.
He tries his hand to no avail at a variety of jobs in the literary world in order to earn his crust, as an editor, a publisher, even a typesetter, staying as close as he can to books, but unable to write a convincing one himself.
We don't have any children so we treat Harvey like a baby," says Julie, who has swapped her hours to work nights as a typesetter so Harvey's never alone in the house.
Rushing was a typesetter at Lettergraphics for 23 years.
We compared the look and cost of type generated by an in-house printer with that produced by a service bureau on a Linotronic L-300 typesetter and decided we could live with the less expensive in-house version.
Without our new system, we would definitely require more manpower; another typesetter, another graphic artist and two more writers," says John Lauer, Television Products Division project leader and the system administrator for the Xerox 8000 network used for technical publications.