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Britten seems to have written it straight out; and the typeset score we have made is a direct copy, with perhaps only a few corrections where there were obvious mistakes.
It's a product that lends itself not just to the professional typesetter, but also to any in-house department that has a large volume of work that needs to be typeset under very strict standards in a compressed period of time.
The document was taken to a Philadelphia printer named John Dunlap, who produced some 200 typeset ``broadsides.
Using desktop publishing technology, a brochure, newsletter or annual report can be typeset and then printed simultaneously in any number of languages, including Japanese.
Page 1 is typeset and printed black on white with a green nameplate, but the remaining dozens of 3-hole-punched pages are photocopies of actual reports on actions of the New York City Council and Mayor.
Those of us who stayed safe at home in settled territories heard wild rumors of the bonanzas just waiting to be claimed beyond the next horizon: incredible cost savings, immediate turnaround, typeset quality and design excellence at our fingertips, the paperless office.
It requires many approval stages, and copy can be proofed in typeset form in place on the page.
The Number Of Editions Of Official Statements To Be Typeset And Printed Or Otherwise Reproduced Throughout The Contract Period Will Vary Based On The Number Of Bonds Issued By Dfw.
Scheduled for early 1997 introduction, the new FPNet/Xyvision EDGAR option will convert the final Xyvision typeset version of a financial document into the monospaced ASCII format required by the SEC in one fast automated step.
issue the Contractor shall typeset cover one/spine, title page, law school page, board/staff
Equations appear in typeset form within the XPP and are saved as MathML within the document.