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All told, Chahine has developed over 150 fonts within about 20 typeface families, including custom letterforms for major brands like Sony and H&M, since starting her career in the early 2000s.
Her typeface is an extremely elegant marriage of the two languages, and looks as if it could be a cousin of Aramaic.
Spector is placed over a typeface or color, and with a press of a button at the top of the device, it stores the information for later perusal.
The acquisition allows Monotype to grow its customer base, expand its typeface IP and provide additional value to creative markets, particularly in Germany.
The Quire Sans typeface is the newest design from Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc.
NASDAQ: TYPE) said that together with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology AgeLab, they have developed a new, streamlined methodology for testing the legibility of typefaces on screens under glance-like conditions.
According to that kind of suggestion, we are interested what kind of influence have typeface, type size and leading in recycled printed samples, which were underwent the alkaline flotation process.
s Spanish-language daily, introduced its new cutdown size with some design changes, including new typeface for section heads and a lighter typeface for briefs.
The answer has to do with the dot size of your computer monitor and the overall size of the typeface you are viewing.
The first is set in Helvetica, the second in Times New Roman, and the third in a typeface I use for my personal work, so I am not going to mention its name.
Extends those discussions by investigating whether typeface persona shapes readers' interactions with a document
The short answer is that I don't actually have anything particular against them-but I prefer a good serif typeface on screen as well as on paper.
Linotype Library, the owner of one of the world's largest collection of typeface designs, has won an out-of-court settlement with Mattel Inc's subsidiary Mindscape after accusing it of infringing Linotype copyright on three typefaces included in the home publishing software PrintMaster Publishing Suite 7.
Berlow, a font designer, created Belucian, a curvaceous, low-hanging typeface that sashays across the page just as the husky-voiced ice queen herself might traverse a movie set.
With the arrival of desktop publishing, a whole new world of design and production opened up: fast turnaround time; reports and newsletters made readable; typeface, layout and design flexibility; a range of choices