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Unrealized in his lifetime, Maciunas's Prefabricated Building System was intended not only to outdo the khrushchyovka apartment style--a concrete-panel system for multistory complexes that was used in the Soviet Union and throughout the Eastern bloc beginning in the 1950s--but also to promote a rigorously designed, multi-functional type of architecture that could be used for residential or institutional purposes in various environments at low production costs.
Giorgio Vasari used the word pejoratively to describe the type of architecture superseded by the renaissance.
He said: "There's clear evidence that this is not just about quality, it's about a particular type of architecture.
Commonly referred to as the "wedding cake" church because of its white stucco ornate decoration, it is in the "Churriguesque" style, a type of architecture named for the seventeenth-century Spanish architect, Churriguera.
These include patients with a history of adenomatous polyps greater than 1 cm in diameter, patients with many polyps, or patients with polyps that show a villous type of architecture on histology.
These include patients who have a history of adenomatous polyps which are greater than 1 cm in diameter, patients with numerous polyps, or patients with polyps that show a villous type of architecture on histology.
And, the reality is that even within a single application, some code is better suited to one type of architecture while other code is better suited to another.
It's full of beautiful buildings ( stunning examples of just about every type of architecture can be found here.
But although Christians and Muslims waged bitter wars, they also lived in harmony more often than they battled, and the Alcazar is built in a type of architecture called Mudejar, which blends the two traditions together.
They all agree that the influx of people from out-of-area has brought a desire for a different type of architecture than there was before "Vendorville.
It is suggested that this type of architecture was in use with a more intensive agricultural regime continuing from the Byzantine period when surplus agricultural produce was sold rather than stored.
I think it's wonderful the city of Glendale is willing to preserve this type of architecture,'' said Clark, whose home was also added to the register Tuesday.
Worthy of note are the Huanuco Pampa citadel and the Tantamayo towers, constructions considered unmatched by any other type of architecture.
But Requa's is only one type of architecture and only one example of grit.
It has really helped revive this type of architecture with young students.