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(biology) genus from which the name of a family or subfamily is formed

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Etymology: From Latin porcellus (piglet) and Greek deire (neck), the latter referring to Physoderes, the type genus of Physoderinae.
Of these, tribe Krisnini includes the type genus erected by Kirkaldy (1900) with Siva strigicollis Spinola as its designated type species.
Griswold also indicates that the problem of defining Amaurobiidae becomes one of discovering synapomorphies and any taxon assigned to the Amaurobiidae should be demonstrably related to the type genus of the family, Amaurobius C.
In examining those structures, we found that the striated texture of the small trichobothrial hood, plus the presence of PMS paracribellar spigots and PLS modified spigot (amaurobiid PLS spigot of Wang 2000), are unique and define Amaurobius (the type genus of the family) and related genera including, at least, Callobius Chamberlin 1947, Pimus Chamberlin 1947 and Taira Lehtinen 1967.
Two additional species of the previously monotypic type genus for this subfamily, Xestomyza, have been identified from South American specimens, of which one is described here.
The name is currently used as a valid generic name in Opiliones as the type genus of the family Oncopodidae Thorell 1876 (Schwendinger & Martens 2004).
Beginning with the redefinition of the family along with a revision of its type genus Trechalea Thorell 1869 (Carico 1993), the goal was to reveal the taxonomy of the remaining members of this unique family through revisions of the included genera.
Bur derived from Burma, the former name of Myanmar, and lagonomegops, the type genus of the family.
Genera included: Type genus, Triadosialis Handlirsch, 1906 with one species from the Olenekian of Germany; Nivopteria Lin, 1978 with one species from the Middle Triassic of China; Paratomia Aristov, 2004 with one species from the Induan of Russia; Protomia Aristov, 2004 with one species from the Kazanian of Russia; Miralioma Aristov, 2004 with two species from the Kazanian and Urzhumian of Russia; and monotypic Iphikozulu gen.