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Synonyms for tympanum

the membrane in the ear that vibrates to sound

a large hemispherical brass or copper percussion instrument with a drumhead that can be tuned by adjusting the tension on it

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Paranocarodes chopardi however does not seem to fit that rule as it has a very small tympanum (Unal pers.
1 wider than long, flat; nostrils protuberant, elliptical, angled; loreal region concave; rostral keel absent; snout long, in dorsal view presenting a narrower, short, round elevation, rounded in profile; eyes large, their diameter 40% of head length, round, prominent; tympanum small, its diameter 35% of eye diameter, distinct, slightly higher than wide; tympanic annulus prominent posteriorly; supratympanic fold heavy, extending from the posterior border of eye to above the arm insertion, wider posteriorly than anteriorly, covering upper part of tympanum.
Perforation of tympanum, resulting in vestibular disease, redness, ulceration and hemorrhage of tissue that lines the ear canal, blockage of ear canal by plugs of paste like wax, ataxia (due to rupture of the tympanic membrane and lesions to the vestibular system), anorexia, restlessness, unilateral facial paralysis, debilitation, hearing loss and head shaking have all been reported in association with ear mite infestations (Ladds et al.
Then the internal tympanum was exposed by lifting and pushing the tympanic flap of ear canal skin through the external auditory canal, after which lesions were cleared from two sides of the tympanum and mastoid (Fig.
Certain noteworthy features are associated with this particular cluster of drums: (1) All are chance finds consisting of only one or a pair of drums, with the exception of Sangeang, which had seven, but none with a context; (2) many were found in situ and were incorporated in adat ceremonies; (3) all contain a unique decorative feature in the lower mantle in the Salayar and one of the Sangeang drums; and (4) all have four frogs or toads cast in relief around the tympanum (Calo 2009:113-5).
Right before the corridor that leads to the office, Leal installed a kind of pediment, titled Piramide, timpano Memphis (Pyramid, Tympanum Memphis), that looked far from classic with its rare asymmetry and its playful and kitschy chromatic range.
Yabbie burrows: Four instances of the Southern Water Skink Eulamprus tympanum and six instances of the Spotted Grass Frog Limnodynastes tasmaniensis using Yabbie Cherax destructor burrows were recorded (Table 1).
Diagnosis: Tympanum indistinct; head wider than long;snout rounded, slightly projecting with strong forward slope; canthus round, loreal region oblique, depressed in the middle.
Also of note is that your frog is a male as indicated by the tympanum that is larger than the eye.
The attic, sinus tympani, facial recess, and hypo tympanum are the primary sites of disease and surgical failure to cure.
Middle ear dysfunction like Eustachian obstruction is caused in tympanic membrane perforation and poor aeration due to diseased middle ear cleft and negative pressure in tympanum.
10th century tympanum above door of St Padarn's >Church, Llanbadarn Fawr, Powys
Otitis media with severity ranging from none to unilateral inflammation with intact tympanum was scored '1', with bilateral involvement was scored '2'and with ruptured tympanum, unilateral or bilateral and discharge was scored as '3'.
1) Dorsal skin granular, large flat warts on flanks and lower back, ventral skin coarsely areolate; dorsolateral folds absent; 2) tympanum distinct, oval, 34.
The northern doors of the cathedral thematically represent the Resurrection of Christ which is shown in the tympanum of the portico.