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The normal tympanic cavity is covered with a single layered and flattened or cuboidal respiratory epithelium, and it does not contain any glandular tissue.
8) Merrick reported metastatic involvement of the left tympanic cavity in a patient who had undergone a hemicolectomy for an adenocarcinoma of the descending colon 6 years earlier.
This cleft in the posterior tympanic cavity is often the subject of attention because it is visually obscure, it has a tendency to be involved with cholesteatoma, and there is no straightforward surgical approach to it.
Examination detected a reddish-blue vascular mass behind the tympanic membrane that filled the postero-superior part of the right tympanic cavity (figure 1).
1) Numerous causes have been proposed to explain the etiology of these aberrations; among them are the absence of a carotid canal (2) and the persistence of embryonic vasculature that may pull the ICA into the tympanic cavity.
Post-treatment development of inner ear changes Tympanostomy Conservative Tx (n = 125 ears) (n = 72 ears) n (%) n (%) Retraction pocket 73 (58) 25 (35) Mild 38 (52) 8 (32) Severe 12 (16) 10 (40) Complete 23 (32) 7 (28) Cholesteatoma 84 (67) 58 (81) Small, tympanic cavity 12 (14) 5 (9) Large, tympanic cavity 35 (42) 13 (22) Large, tympanic 37 (44) 40 (69) and mastoid cavities Perforation 45 (36) 33 (46) Statistically significant difference Retraction pocket p < 0.
The ossicles are connected to the walls of the tympanic cavity by ligaments--three for the malleus (superior, anterior, and lateral ligaments) and one each for the incus and stapes (the posterior and annular ligaments, respectively).
The tumor had filled the middle ear space, and it appeared to have arisen from the medial wall of the tympanic cavity.
Iatrogenic CSF leaks commonly occur through the cells of the petrous apex to the tympanic cavity or eustachian tube, through the perilabyrinthine cells to the mastoid antrum, through the mastoid air cells at the craniotomy site, or through an opened vestibule and oval window.