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an offer of two for the price of one

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a coupon that allows the holder to purchase two items (as two tickets to a play) for the price of one

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The TwoFer Shelf Tag satisfies a demand for an economic product that combines a reduction in labor time and compatibility with most existing laser, inkjet and digital printing technologies.
With each expansion of services--from the Great Society programs of the 1960s and 1970s to efforts to expand home- and community-based services for seniors and people with disabilities at the turn of the twenty-first century--policy makers have framed home care as a twofer.
The Twofer - when a woman holds her clutch with both hands across her front - indicates shyness, or defensiveness.
A Middle East Twofer Earlier Friedmometers: American Jews Come Around to Israel's Failings
In fact, President Lawson and ED Townsend delivered a twofer in the huge Chicago media market, Mr.
Something about giving people a twofer just didn't sit well.
PORTLAND WINE PROJECT A twofer (Boedecker Cellars and Grochau Cellars together) in Portland's Northwest industrial area.
If you're a member of the Twofer Club, the Wind Runner set can do everything you need and with just one sheath to deal with you won't be grappling around looking for the right knife when duty calls.
Why don't you make prints out of them, and it's like a twofer.
Now that Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Twofer Tuesday (I made that one up) are behind us, the industry can focus on more important things--like this riddle: How does a house expand when it's getting smaller?
Twofer Rules for all Categories is in effect for the Next Generation Membership Drive
Others suggested that the wedding/Baptism twofer will encourage sex before marriage (as if there were need of such encouragement).
Place-based names may come from regions, such as Land O'Lakes and Williams-Sonoma (which is a twofer, combining the name of founder Chuck Williams with the Californian foodies' favorite valley); cities, such as Boise Cascade and Smithfield Foods; or even particular locales within cities, such as Saks Fifth Avenue (New York), State Street Corp.
In those days, they looked over at Asia and said, "there is a twofer in Asia; there is a model for us.