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Synonyms for two-way

supported by both sides

involving two parts or elements

operating or permitting operation in either of two opposite directions

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FreeLinc two-way radio accessories like the FreeMotion 200 and FreeMic 200 are based on Near-Field Magnetic Induction technology (NFMI), which confines communication signals to a user's personal space and protects transmissions from eavesdroppers or interference.
The headset features voice-operated transmission (VOX) to allow for completely hands-free, secure communication, which is unprecedented in the push-to-talk two-way radio world.
Motorola's Talkabout(R) T900 two-way received a star-studded road test last week when celebrities ranging from heavyweight boxing champ Evander Holyfield to musical superstars Ice Cube, De La Soul, Brian McKnight and 112, along with sports greats Ray Allen and Jason Sehorn, used the device to interact with TV celeb Liza Goncalves in the course of her ZILO TV coverage of NBA All Star Weekend events held at Washington's MCI Center.
correctly notes the tension between ethical and ontological dualisms, both of which the two-ways theme can convey.