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a house with two units sharing a common wall

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I was playing with my brother Jack in the backyard of our first home, the two-family house near the Eastwood neighborhood.
Using the newly-built demonstration test house, which is a two-family house, the test will verify the energy saving effect of the interchange of electricity and heat between two households and utilization of "demand response.
They conclude the work by demonstrating the application of the previous material to the study of a 1906 two-family house in Buffalo NY.
I return to my home, an old two-family house on the outskirts of the city, to find my roommate hauling stacks of two-by-fours through the front door.
Alcott and the girls moved into the two-family house of the neighboring farm, followed three days later by a very depressed Bronson Alcott.
Specifically, the Times reported the median price of a two-family house in Sunset Park in 2000 to be $310,000, and five years ago, $240,000.
After a decade or so of living with his in-laws while repeatedly failing at moneymaking schemes, Buddy makes one last grasp for the brass ring when he purchases a gone-to-seed two-family house.
a bank-owned two-family house with burst pipes, no heat and water.
In September 1991, Allstate Insurance Company issued a policy of liability insurance to the landlord of a two-family house in Rochester.
Fred and Orlean Ogle, who bought a two-family house in the Lewmay development for $375,000, also signed two mortgages through First United that had monthly payments exceeding their income.
The 37-year-old research engineer for IBM owns a two-family house in Brooklyn, New York, and he cautions would-be landlords to educate themselves on the eviction process before renting out.
A $700,000 bridge loan utilized to purchase a two-family house located on Avenue J in the Midwood section of Brooklyn.
Last year we made about $90,000 from this business,'' said Leslie, who rents out two rooms in her two-family house in Brooklyn through Airbnb.
Camille Kahn purchased a two-family house in Queens and purchased a homeowners policy from Tower Insurance in February, 2006.