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Synonyms for two-dimensional

involving two dimensions


lacking the expected range or depth

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2], which are thereafter allowed to crystallize two-dimensionally with the gas exclusion process to subsequently produce the disc-shape spherulitic structures.
With conventional scroll compressors, compression is performed by horizontal movement (constant height) two-dimensionally.
Consequently, the AE sources were located two-dimensionally under the assumption that they were generated on the expected shear plane.
Science has been able to conceal an object two-dimensionally meaning it is invisible when the observer looks at it head-on, but visible when viewed from the side.
We often think two-dimensionally, but we sense three-dimensionally," explains Lauesen.
Moreover, some characters--Edward Gaines' daughter, Caroline, and her new husband, for example, who represent a less cruel white point of view--are two-dimensionally drawn.
PGMA's reactivity allowed GOx to be imprinted two-dimensionally and immobilized using non-covalent bonds.
The message is sent through both fat characters who are two-dimensionally flawed, and fat characters who are complex but lose weight as they gain maturity.
But even on the new interior, Moneo did not employ the artifice of mosaic glass tiles, intended to transform two-dimensionally flat or badly finished basilica walls.
They brought depth and feeling to characters that would be so easy to play two-dimensionally.
A fully-integrated, one-dimensionally scanned prototype to meet these specifications was completed in the first quarter of 2002, with a two-dimensionally scanned prototype to follow in the second quarter.
20] rapidly quenched alloy showed that the decagonal phase has a structure of two-dimensionally quasiperiodic layers, which are stacked periodically along the ten-fold axis, with a lattice parameter c = 1.
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