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a bird that twitters

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Re-Tweet: Reposting a Tweet word for word while giving credit to the original Twitterer.
made a bold move by featuring the updates of its official student Twitterer, Ajay Chahar of the class of 2012, on its website homepage, on the bottom left corner.
When I will land it will be in an entirely new & wonderful world full of magic & joy," wrote one Twitterer this morning.
This air-head twitterer proves she's a first-class twit.
It's the Twitterer next to you at a restaurant, the blogger at the airport, the texting booster at your private athletic club meeting or the disgruntled former employee who just posted anonymously to a message board about the company layoffs.
One sarcastic Twitterer, said to a friend, "Please use the Color app to take a picture of that face so that, when I'm within 150 ft of you, I'll be able to see it.
FATHER Ted writer Graham Linehan is apparently the most important celebrity Irish twitterer.
IVY DIES: Tributes have been made after the death of Britain''s oldest Twitterer Ivy Bean, aged 104, at the Hillside Manor residential home in Bradford
An inactive Twitterer, Kalki recently announced that she will "be cut off for a while (from Twitter)".
lt;p>Meanwhile, the presidential tweet didn't go up on the @barackobama Twitter account, which is handled by a ghost Twitterer.
But my pals seemed to rave about how it kept them in touch with what long-lost loved ones were doing on the other side of the world and even gave them the chance to spy on the odd celebrity Twitterer.
According to Kajal Girish, a twitterer, it was an ideal place to uphold the Twestival slogan: 'Tweet.
ON ARRIVING at Liverpool's Echo Arena, avid Twitterer Jim Kerr sent out a message on the social networking site: I hope they put strong foundations in the construction of this new venue as traditionally Simple Minds + Liverpool means that walls shake.
7Alan is a dedicated Twitterer, posting several times a day on the micro-blogging website.
She wasn't a warbler or a twitterer, she was a big, brassy belter who, if there were any symmetry in the world, would have been foaled in Tiger Bay and stabled on the outskirts of Las Vegas.