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a bird that twitters

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One individual twitterer who does not mention someone else is not visible, but gives a sense of how the network is constructed.
Re-Tweet: Reposting a Tweet word for word while giving credit to the original Twitterer.
EZRA: Then there's the newsfeed Twitterer, like Mike Allen, and the snark Twitterer, like Ana Marie Cox.
made a bold move by featuring the updates of its official student Twitterer, Ajay Chahar of the class of 2012, on its website homepage, on the bottom left corner.
While another Twitterer termed the incident as 'commercial gimmick' and said that no mother would do such things for a photoshoot.
com/daddyowenmusic/) Twitterer Daddy Owen , to his credit, appeared to be in on the joke:
As Sieradski (who, unlike the twitterer, made it clear that he was speaking only for himself) put it, "Once this movement becomes explicitly anti-Israel, you'll have effectively alienated three times more people than you'll attract.
A keen blogger and Twitterer, she hopes to put her online and social media experience to good use with uniquethinking's clients, which include Sainsbury's, Costa, Vodafone, Blackfriars Restaurant and the Black Horse, Beamish.
Keen Twitterer Lily, 26, logged on to the microblog site to change the name on her profile from Lily Rose Allen to Mrs LR Cooper.
IVY DIES: Tributes have been made after the death of Britain''s oldest Twitterer Ivy Bean, aged 104, at the Hillside Manor residential home in Bradford
They can directly put out their views in an easy manner," reasons filmmaker and avid Twitterer Pritish Nandy, on why this medium brings out the true personality of a celebrity who otherwise sticks to a definite image in his or her public life.
When I will land it will be in an entirely new & wonderful world full of magic & joy," wrote one Twitterer this morning.
This air-head twitterer proves she's a first-class twit.
According to Kajal Girish, a twitterer, it was an ideal place to uphold the Twestival slogan: 'Tweet.
7Alan is a dedicated Twitterer, posting several times a day on the micro-blogging website.