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Synonyms for twisting

the act of distorting something so it seems to mean something it was not intended to mean

the act of rotating rapidly

marked by repeated turns and bends

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i]--the residual force in the element (wire) and angle of its twisting accordingly; [[epsilon].
If you have long hair, try twisting in smaller sections.
THE twisting kick (bituro chagi) is unique to taekwondo.
The Twisting model is less well known than the conventional Rotational Model.
That twisting to the side is caused by rotational torque and to get back on target to fire the next shot the torque as well as the recoil have to both be overcome.
In addition to standard configuration, Sirius can be equipped with the new Twist&Twist device that makes it possible "two twisting operations", instead of the usual single.
It" is balloon twisting, and Twisted is an affectionate portrait of the quirky subculture to which they belong.
Words from the Latin torqu[macron over e]re have something to do with twisting.
The Bruins rushed 41 times for 107 yards and several players admitted to being confused by Utah's twisting, stunting defensive front.
Kathryn suggests gentle twisting exercises to help define the waist.
Mathematicians can also imagine twisting that plane to produce another infinite shape called the helicoid.
If you happen to have an old automobile or mechanic's wrench handy, take the time to make a twisting hammer like those shown in Photo 5.
The twisting and compressing of the yoga postures massage the endocrine and abdominal organs, regulating their function, improving local circulation and cleansing them of old stagnant toxins.
We made ours crafty cool by twisting it with a homemade-looking headband.
A twisting machine executes several tasks in addition to the obvious one.