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Synonyms for twiggy

Synonyms for twiggy

thin as a twig


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Recommendations Kilmore Lemon 2pts e-w 16-1 bet365 Linden Twiggy 1pt e-w 100-1 general
MUSING MUSE Model Twiggy looks reflective as she eats
She had her own teen fashion clothing range called Twiggy Dresses, sold with their own Twiggy hangers, of course.
Twiggy also found herself promoting new TV series The Avengers, and posed with British actor Patrick MacNee in his guise as secret agent John Steed.
Women rule world talk our problems' Twiggy is still such a fashion icon, that whenever she appears on an M&S advert, the clothes she wears sell out within days.
If there's one thing Twiggy likes chatting about, it's babies - namely her two grandchildren - six-month-old Joni ("Named after Joni Mitchell, we're all such fans") and eight-month-old Solomon.
Moss was seen very similar to the blonde beauty, now 64, who was well-known for her pixie look as both the Moss and Twiggy are 5ft 6in, and posses the slender frame and elfin looks.
Twiggy said: "This range has been so inspiring to work on and is designed to have a really broad appeal.
Alan Titchmarsh's Walks of Fame: Twiggy ITV1, 7pm She was Britain's first supermodel - and 45 years on, Twiggy is still beautiful and relatively skinny, her voice loud, earthy and peppered with occasional bursts of raucous laughter.
watch it IN Alan Titchmarsh's Walks of Fame each edition sees Alan accompany a famous face on their favourite walk; beginning with Twiggy, right and below.
Summary: A watchdog has slammed an airbrushed photo of model Twiggy that it says gave a misleading impression about the effects of an eye cream.
Twiggy is wooden and Coleen doesn't put me in the mood for dancing.
Featuring a score of mostly durable Coward tunes, this bio musical is performed with hearty enthusiasm by Twiggy and Harry Groener, but it's conspicuously lacking in style for a tribute to performers whose considerable talents were matched by even greater reservoirs of that ineffable commodity.
For a few days after surgery, Twiggy used a "wheelchair.
Her irreverent eating habits aside, Twiggy set a standard that most models found impossible to reach.