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Synonyms for twerp

an insignificant but arrogant and obnoxious young person

Synonyms for twerp

someone who is regarded as contemptible


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Stealing the film, however, is Mintz-Plasse, an unknown high schooler who calls to mind a really twerpy teenage Dustin Hoffman; the guy's totally off the wall.
Added to this mix was an annoying, twerpy second gay whose job it was to do Cher impersonations and to call the gay lawyer fat.
What I meant to indicate in the Weekender piece was that Kenyon, the rather twerpy little bloke from the BBC who claimed to have "exposed the dark underbelly of racing", had not in fact told us anything we didn't already know.
10, 1999, it was not by a twerpy kid who purchased an illegal weapon.
Now, after the stuffing, twerpy turkey Barry faces a roasting from stepmother Pat when she gets a butchers at the books.
Given that almost everyone is unstable, resentful, and touchy, this is a bleak story of twerpy neurotics.