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Synonyms for twerp

an insignificant but arrogant and obnoxious young person

Synonyms for twerp

someone who is regarded as contemptible


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But there are things we can do about the twerps closer to home.
I feel like charging around and kissing strangers on the face like that annoying twerp in the Ladbrokes advertisements.
and this twerp is taken seriously as the devil or something?
His diaries may be entertaining but they are the outpourings of a twerp who revelled in his own twerpishness.
Unfortunately for him, the British have decided simultaneously he's a complete twerp.
The Random House Dictionary of the English Language has these suggestions for new "code words": Tweedle, Twain, Twang, Tweak (an okay choice), Tween, Tweeze, Twerp, Twirp (my personal favorite), Twiddle, Twig, Twill, Twist, Twit (a close second for me), Twirl, Twin and Twink.
And talk about good sports - there is no evidence that any Kennedys were actually harmed in the making of this movie, despite the twerp having asked for it in every scene he's in.
The president smiled, suppressing his desire to pick up the water pitcher and smash it against the forehead of this supercilious twerp.
No self-respecting alien wants to be compared to that bigheaded, Reese's Pieces-eating, potbellied, bicycle-basket-riding, red-fingered twerp.
The writer goes on to say: "I am not sure if Mr Butler is being vindictive, mischievous or just a twerp.
He just needs to stop acting like such a twerp off the ball.
Bacchus is such a prat, such a mess, such a rude and insufferable twerp, who adds so little to the business of crime detection, he makes a revolutionary telly detective.
BALL hoofer and all-round twerp John Terry won't exactly suffer because of the PS220,000 fine handed down to him for racially abusing QPR defender Anton Ferdinand.
He then went on to say, "Because if you don't keep your promise to appear on the show, then you are what we would call in Britain, 'a gutless little twerp.