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the century from 1901 to 2000

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The teeming and peaceful population of China had been "westernised" during the opening years of the twentieth century with the deepest resentment and reluctance; they had been dragooned and disciplined under Japanese and European--influence into an acquiescence with sanitary methods, police controls, military service, and wholesale process of exploitation against which their whole tradition rebelled.
The Welsh and English countryside at that time presented the strangest mingling of the assurance and wealth of the opening twentieth century with a sort of Dureresque medievalism.
It required a man of that calibre, a man capable of obtruding a duel into orderly twentieth century life, to find such wild adventures.
Nor did Daylight ever give the secret away, though that afternoon, leaning back in his stateroom on the Twentieth Century, his shoes off, and feet on a chair, he chuckled long and heartily.
Romance, adventure, strange peoples, fearsome beasts--all the excitement and scurry of the lives of the twentieth century ancients that have been denied us in these dull days of peace and prosaic prosperity--all, all lay beyond thirty, the invisible barrier between the stupid, commercial present and the carefree, barbarous past.
In the seventeenth century Shakspere's plays are full of allusions to her, but so for that matter is the everyday talk of all of us in the twentieth century.
Written with scholar's rigor, disseminating the author's life events and scholarly projects as meticulously as any historical study, Witness to the Twentieth Century is a highly insightful personal view of the repercussions of world-spanning changes.
By examining in depth and detail changes in how sexual crimes against children were defined, popularly understood, and implemented by juries and judges in New York City from the late nineteenth century to the mid twentieth century, Robertson also makes a valuable contribution to the important intersection among law, sexuality, and psychiatry in the twentieth century.
She goes on to find many contrasts between twentieth century and those of the Classic or Romantic eras.
Partly because of the great diversity of Modernism, and the energy and intelligence of the exhibition, curated by Christopher Wilk and evocatively designed by Eva Jiricna, it rapidly becomes clear that the phenomenon was not just produced in the twentieth century--in many ways, Modernism was the twentieth century, forming our lives, externally and internally.
A Study Of Major Political Thinkers In France From The Seventeenth To The Twentieth Century
The multiplicity of subjectivities that one encounters among Puerto Ricans in the early twentieth century is not the sole result of post-1898 changes but had been engendered throughout the many centuries of struggles and negotiations within local, regional, and international circuits of power.
He skips from the early twentieth century, however, to postmodern interpretation, omitting a host of significant twentieth-century scholars, and delivers in the postmodern chapter a scathing critique of Walter Brueggemann that I found quite one-sided.
Performance Practices in Late Twentieth Century Piano Music (DVD), by Stewart Gordon.