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pluck with tweezers

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A failed attempt to tweeze her brows leaves Jujube with only one eyebrow.
The tools, going to statisticians in the 180 members of the United Nations, will enable researchers to tweeze out the nonprofit groups to view in a satellite account of the SNA, which directs the collection of economic information.
In addition to a can opener, it's got pliers that tweeze and pinch, blades that saw and slice, and an assortment of screwdrivers, including two Phillips and three regular.
For anyone who has ever tried to tweeze their brows in a hurry, the arrival of La-Tweez is indeed exciting news," said James Beaurline, a 30-year veteran of the beauty products industry.
Tweeze both eyes together taking a few hairs from each at a time (as shaping one brow shape after the other is incredibly difficult).
At the Benefit Brow Bar, a Benefit-trained aesthetician will wax or tweeze your brows into a customized shape designed specifically for your face.
They swig ros wine, tweeze their chest hair and use hair straighteners.
Mark strays with white eyeliner (this', prevent you from going overboard), then hold the skin near your brow bone taut with one hand and use the other to tweeze hairs, pulling in the same direction they grow.
It's very important to resist the temptation to tweeze as soon as you notice a hair
EMJOI will show several personal care products at the New York Gourmet Housewares Show this week, including Tweeze-Automatic, which tweezes hair in any direction, and the Opti Dual Opposed Hair Remover, which uses 30 tweezer epilation heads.
Tweeze Free Microwave hair remover was designed for eyebrows and upper lips and is formulated with azulene, an anti-inflammatory agent.
We love this kit from Benefit, which has all you need to tweeze and shade.
Tweeze just a few hairs at a time, between the brows and underneath the brows but never pluck above.