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Even the resident Mark Twain Riverboat, a 120-foot sternwheeler built in 1964, sat idle and dark.
More than any other issue, Twain was critical of Roosevelt's foreign policy, which the writer viewed as empire-building in the Philippines, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic, inspiring him to call Roosevelt "the worst president in American history.
At times, past and present collide so that early friends of Twain end up filtering their remembrances through the public figure Twain later crafted.
He even railed against the event chairman's decision to sit on the stage behind him, "a thing I detest," wrote Twain.
In 1861, Twain headed west to earn his fortune in the Nevada silver rush.
D]espite its daunting heft, the work provides distinct pleasures for even the casual Twain fan.
In pieces that were largely not published, or intended for publication, Twain lets loose his invective and skepticism more fully on Christianity itself.
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Bush's last three chapters attempt to disarm arguments contrary to his position--that is, the arguments posed by the majority consensus of Twain scholars about the writer's descent into bitter cynicism and disillusionment.
Much of Vogel's critique shows how Twain portrayed Jews as sympathetic characters and even considers that Twain's "Solomon"-named characters in his later writings are "positive characters" (p.
A friend put Fishkin in touch with producer Bob Boyett, a self-described Twain fan who admires Twain's use of "social criticism with a wink" and who says he thinks the play will succeed on Broadway: "There must be 100 places in New York where Twain had drinks.
You don't have to buy that argument fully to agree that Twain (1835-1910) helped literally to bring it all back home.
I'd have to say that Mark Twain is my favorite author and, of all his books and stories, the one I like the most is "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.
Mark Twain went to Hawaii in 1866 and wrote a series of letters published in the Sacramento Union newspaper that provided the first observations of Hawaii for most Americans.
Mark Twain and Company: Six Literary Relations, by Leland Krauth.