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The gold coin's obverse design features a portrait of Mark Twain with the inscriptions "LIBERTY," "IN GOD WE TRUST," and "2016.
Facebook friends post Twain "quotations" all the time, and more often than not, they are things that Twain did not say.
Even the resident Mark Twain Riverboat, a 120-foot sternwheeler built in 1964, sat idle and dark.
Twain complained that the 1,700 people at his hourlong performance in Mechanics Hall were "the staidest, puritanical people you ever saw.
In fact, the young Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain was his pen name.
NET TWAIN component, designed for use by developers using the Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT) .
Thomas Paine's The Age of Reason, for example, was "a book that Twain swallowed whole and nearly memorized in about 1857" (31).
You don't have to buy that argument fully to agree that Twain (1835-1910) helped literally to bring it all back home.
The truth that Twain in his story and I in this column are telling is that the world has changed, our industry has changed, and the requirements for business survival in the 21st century have changed.
LELAND KRAUTH REMINDS US, in this substantive study, that Mark Twain referred, in his "Chapters from My Autobiography," to over a hundred authors of his time, considering himself, in Krauth's words, as "a member of a confederacy of craftsmen" (260).
Why Twain may--or may not--have misfired with his literary magnum opus remains a question scholars have tackled for years but never resolved.
Generally, we're still working on trying to increase visibility and visitation at the Shania Twain Centre, the Gold Mine Tour and several other local attractions," Saari says.
For instance, Tyrone Giordano, who plays Huck, signs all his dialogue, with his voice being supplied by Scott Waara, who plays Twain, the tale's narrator.
NINETY-TWO YEARS after Mark Twain died, actor Hal Holbrook believes the famed writer is more popular now than ever.
Mark Twain at the Buffalo Express: Articles and Sketches by America's Favorite Humorist (Northern Illinois UP, 1999), xlvii + 309 pp.