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IIt has been mooted for some time, but the trends can no longer be ignored: the TV set is rapidly turn- ing intoa device for older peo- ple as the youth turn to iPads, laptops and smartphones.
Since the advent of the TV remote control in 1950, the basic paradigm for controlling the TV set has not changed substantially.
According to the company, its IPTV solution is set up on an an Android-based IP TV set with headend equipment such as NetUP IPTV Combine 4x and local area network with multicast support.
The California Energy Commission (CEC) is proceeding with a proposal this summer to ban the sale of TV sets that do not meet new efficiency standards when turned on and displaying a picture.
I made a choice that I didn't want a TV set and therefore I didn't need a licence.
A Nielsen Media Research report found last week that the average American home now has a larger population of TV sets than actual viewers.
In a survey conducted in February, 78 percent of 369 housewives in their 20s to 60s said they realize they will need to get special tuners or TV sets with built-in digital tuners to watch digital broadcasts when analog broadcasting ends in 2011.
John Morris stole pounds 2,000 TV sets for a fraction of their real price by replacing the barcodes with those from cheaper goods he had bought earlier.
In the year of crisis until 1999, there was no addition in production capacity for TV set industry.
5 million digital TV sets and monitors to be shipped to dealers in 2006.
Some of Paik's early work, which showed the TV set no mercy, displayed an epigrammatic wit.
Within the next two years, the law will require TV makers t6 install a "V" (or "violence") chip in every new TV set.
one TV set is available for 27 person or they cover 3.
The leader at major volume sales shops is a new thin TV set.