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a room set aside for viewing television

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My Guide' - The all-new "My Guide" is a personalized TV guide based on the shows a user follows and book to watch as well as the TV Rooms users belong to.
The TV room boasted children's DVDs, shelves of toys and board games and a rather ample chest full of dress up for boys and girls.
We walked into the TV room to be confronted by 12 Mike Tyson-built rugby fans watching rugby.
Each includes two master bedrooms, a children's bedroom, guests' bedroom, spacious living area, five bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, library and a TV room plus a Jacuzzi and steam room in each suite.
There is a kitchen, TV room, computers and a pool table.
The tower comes complete with below and above ground parking, BBQ area, swimming pool and Jacuzzi, a gym, ballroom, TV room and an outdoor terrace.
They, too, couldn't get in and watched in the church's TV room.
Players compete in two arenas: a TV room and a large, multipurpose room that doubles as a chapel and a meeting room.
One of the most important factors to consider is the amount of ambient light in your TV room.
If I were on staff, I wouldn't let the girls sit in the TV room all day and rot away--it's wasted time that could be spent talking or learning.
It will also have a TV room and a room for a community events.
I can give my boyfriend a kiss in the TV room when he comes to visit.
For surround sound I had to retire to the TV room, which, unfortunately, is not a great system for music listening but at least gave me a general impression of the Dolby playback.
The space now holds two good-size bedrooms, a bath, TV room, and utility room--all brightened by enlarged ground-level windows.
In addition to identifying their own programming choices, real-time messaging capabilities allow users to join each other in a virtual TV room to share the viewing experience.