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workshop where objects are made on a lathe

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products made on a lathe

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In Brazil, Colombia and Peru, jequitiba is often used in residential and contract furniture, cabinetry, component and dimension parts, construction, shipbuilding, flooring, panelling, moulding, veneer and turnery.
Read about a new state turnery in "Community-Based Direct Marketing" on page 154.
The Richard Garrett Hall, originally a turnery, was restored in 1985 and now houses temporary exhibitions.
Some of these traditional uses can be confirmed, such as structural non-resonance elements for string instruments, turnery and furniture parts.
It is an attractive wood, good for carving the turnery, and is still used for boat building, as it was in ancient Egypt.
Rebinder and Lichtman obtained interesting data during their research focusing on the influence of surface active molecules contained in lubricants on metal processing procedures, especially sawing and turnery.
Excellent bending capabilities (bows, not arrows; sailboats; and canoes) and 'also works extremely well in turnery.
building, carts and carriages, carving and turnery, cooperage (barrel
The fine even texture and favorable strength-to-density ratio of silver beech make it excellent for furniture, paneling, turnery, brushware, rods, dowelling, and strip-flooring.