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Synonyms for turndown

a turning down of a request

Synonyms for turndown

the act of refusing an offer

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Bedtime turndown service "Cats sleep in their own wrought iron beds and as part of the all-inclusive package they can have an evening Milky Whiskers Turndown Service.
On the other hand the sources revealed that a file had been forwarded to the finance division for the appointment of drugs inspects but division had totally refused and turndown the appointment request of drug inspectors, owing to the lack of allocated amount in the budget.
The package includes accommodation with a themed turndown amenity, 20 percent off Spa treatments, and a daily USD 100 dining credit.
First Class customers travelling onboard its Boeing 777s between the US and London/Heathrow will receive "a quilted bed topper, custom-designed to fit American's popular Flagship Suite, pyjamas and slippers" as part of the airline's new turndown service.
Full torque and accurate speed regulation down to a 30:1 turndown ratio when operating in sensorless vector control.
For variable process conditions, the unit is factory preset to a wide turndown range at 10:1 to 100:1.
How can the council justify wasting our money in this way and especially in this period of financial turndown especially when so many council jobs are at risk (even in high risk areas of service)?
With foreign ownership comes foreign control; the British part simply becomes an outpost and likely to be the first element to suffer unemployment or 'rationalisation' in the event of a turndown in trade.
Many people across Wales have been directly affected by the current economic turndown," said committee chair Darren Millar AM.
Many possible explanations for the high-profile turndown have been bandied about by real estate observers.
A turndown ratio upwards to 6,000-to-1 provides users with substantial flexibility in volume and time of dispense in addition to a smooth, seamless operation and an extremely broad flow range within a single tubing size.
Summary: Tunis -- During a meeting with the Minister of industry, energy and small and medium enterprises, Mr Afif Chelbi on Friday, President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali recommended to boost the implementation of measures destined to assist industrial enterprises affected by the global economic turndown.
Mark Crompton, managing director, said: "We have a solid order book but are experiencing some delays and cancellations from customers due to the Boeing B787 and Airbus A380 aircraft slippages and the current economic turndown.
x] or carbon monoxide, excess air and burner turndown guarantees are sometimes sacrificed.