turn the tables

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cause a complete reversal of the circumstances

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Daren Bakst, president of the Council on Law in Higher Education, says that if the stiff-pending reauthorization of the Higher Education Act includes an amendment allowing the Department of Education to seize Social Security payments, then that would turn the tables against Lockhart.
You need to turn the tables on corrosion for the HEMTT crane's turntable bearing, drivers.
The six-year-old will be much better suited by the full six furlongs at Ayr and could well turn the tables on some of the horses who finished in front of him here.
For that the victim still had to take his case to the Church, but the cuckold who had once been considered helpless before his wife's sexuality now had "a chance to reassert his power and turn the tables on his wife's lover" (174).
If I had any judicial clout, I'd turn the tables and censure the College for conduct unbecoming a professional association, noting in my judgment that its treatment of Chris Kempling, has been "in its entirety derogatory and discriminatory.
The Aston Upthorpe Yorkshire Oaks in next on the agenda and it would be no surprise to see Islington turn the tables on her Epsom conqueror Kazzia.
In this story (the one we were all secretly waiting for through the whole book) the main character uses ideas from the Hornblower novels to turn the tables in the face of insurmountable odds.
He should turn the tables on winner Single Sourcing on these revised terms and can make the most of the weight he receives from his other main rivals.
But Henman, who saw off Germany's Nicolas Kiefer 7-5 6-3 yesterday to reach the quarter-finals, believes he could turn the tables this time.
Tesco and WH Smith turn the tables on the publishers