turn tail

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Rarely do their enterprises provide meaningful employment opportunities on any scale and at the first hint of an economic downturn, they turn tail and run back to where they came from.
Then, he didn't wait around for anyone to turn tail and trudge back to their workstations in the press box.
It was at this moment I decided to turn tail and head for something a little less precarious.
Not sure which plugin is involved, the prudent should really turn tail and do something else.
Just don't be surprised that, when the cycle flips and brokers and carriers find themselves under pressure to turn tail, your coverage strategy may be headed for a flop.
Will we turn tail in Afghanistan when Al Qaida claim our elite forces bare more than a passing resemblance to The Chuckle Brothers?
Each spring, approximately 3 billion migratory birds that winter in South America or southern North America turn tail and fly northward to the boreal forest.
The chaos and hazing to which he's subjected makes one wonder why he doesn't turn tail by the first two minutes of the second episode.
The easiest--and typically most effective--move is simply to turn tail and fly away before detection.
Turn tail if you see runny noses and wet front paws.
Modern canine imagery is eclipsed by dog's rig 'to copulate till you are tired, and then turn tail to it,' while dicker (copulation of foxes, thence used for that of men and women) would suit the vulpine ladies of Sex and the City.