turn of the century

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the period from about ten years before to ten years after a new century

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By the turn of the century, this was expanded to include "bookkeeper, accountant, sales clerk, stenographer .
At the turn of the century, cars were like computers and the Internet are today.
Although membership in one of these English-speaking white Protestant groups was more or less de rigueur for full social acceptability and political influence in many parts of the nation, by the turn of the century they could hardly be counted on as a homogeneous religious force.
Its territory at the turn of the century included Russia and Asia, and among its clients were Skandia of Sweden and Helvetia of Switzerland.
President Theodore Roosevelt declared there would be no White House Christmas tree at the turn of the century.
Since the turn of the century occurs during the winter and over a weekend, consumers should prepare as if they were preparing for a four-day snowstorm.
Set at the turn of the century, the musical tells of three American families from very different backgrounds whose lives intertwine as they encounter the era's turbulent events.
Looking back to the turn of the century, one would have to admit the real breakthrough came in the year 2000, when a Naming Convention was finally called to establish a new "naming convention.
The absorption of people from varied cultures has gone surprisingly well, by the rest of the world's standards - but the last time the United States took in this many people this rapidly, at the turn of the century, the dislocation became so great that it led to the draconian controls on immigration passed in the 1920's.
At the turn of the century and in the late twentieth century it cannot be said that there was any such positive belief.
Chapter 3 is an analysis of outcome studies of schizophrenia since the turn of the century and tries to establish whether changes in the long-term course of the illness are linked to large-scale fluctuations in the economy.
Its record suggests that the only thing the B-1B guarantees past the turn of the century is an endless string of defense contracts.
Sarah Louise (Sadie) and Annie Elizabeth (Bessie) Delany are two African-American sisters born into a family of educational privilege before the turn of the century.
Since the turn of the century, spending within the Industrial Manufacturing Industry in the state of Virginia has been modest.