turn a blind eye

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The information Office of the coalition quoted her as saying that "al-Qaeda carries out its criminal bombings according to a special timetable, which includes days for targeting the Sunnis and the other for targeting Shiites, in the light of the continued conflicts among the political class that has become unfortunately turn a blind eye for criminality brutal practiced by al-Qaeda against innocent people.
So I learned to turn a blind eye to cheating and plagiarism and to give students, especially athletes, extra credit for everything from reading orally in class to remembering to bring their pencils.
Sports writer Hugh Dan Maclennan says he is fed up of being told to turn a blind eye to players' unruly antics.
He says: "I was told I should turn a blind eye to some things as it was giving the game a bad name.
There's now a whole jurisprudence on employers' obligation to turn a blind eye, so to speak, to safety worries when the Hathaway Man shows up in quest of a hazardous-duty assignment: