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having the approximate size of a turkey

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Well-preserved fossils of a feathered dinosaur that lived about 125 million years ago--along with certain aspects of its teeth and skull--suggest that the turkey-sized creature was venomous.
To date, scientists have uncovered fossilized bones of an extinct hawk (first time reported as a fossil on O'ahu), a long-legged owl, Hawaiian sea eagle, petrel, two species of crow, Hawaiian finches, Hawaiian honeyeaters, and the moa nalo (a turkey-sized, flightless gooselike duck- the largest native Hawaiian bird).
So when she finally got a chance to choose her cleavage, her first instinct was to go for chicken fillets that were turkey-sized.
The picture opposite illustrates its immense size compared to two other fabulous, recently lost birds, the turkey-sized dodo and the ten-foot giant moa of NZ.
Now these turkey-sized birds are raised by people all around the world--in gardens, parks, zoos, and on farms.
The chicken cutlet was huge, almost turkey-sized I was forced to exclaim, and fork-tender throughout.
During the mating season, the turkey-sized cocks strut around making a clicking noise to attract females.