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a bitter struggle for territory or power or control or rights

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Provisional findings from the Competition Commission reveal a sporadic four-year turf war between Arriva and Go North East with secret deals to avoid retaliation and all-out hostilities.
Chris Murphy for the defence said: "The weighted sock was in the van because some while back there had been a turf war on his round in the Wrexhamarea.
The public story promoted by the administration was that the resignation was the result of a turf war.
Violence manifests itself in two ways, with the supply of drugs and the turf wars where the violence can be quite extreme and the violence that occurs between people who have taken drugs.
Although entitled Turf Wars by the BBC, the series will be named Saddle Soap when it is shown on RTE later in the year.
Insurers trying to develop new outlets for their products have been met with organizational turf wars and agent revolts.
Inconsistently applied enforcement policies, turf wars between district offices, and obsolete information systems plague the agency.
The turf wars between agencies, especially Interior and Agriculture, triggered President Clinton's recent call for a truce.
Lack of leadership, turf wars with internal R&D, or a failure to stipulate criteria for success can sabotage STAs.
Gamers will test their mob skills while rising through the Corleone ranks in the Godfather storyline and engaging in turf wars as they take over territory in the strategic Mob Wars mode unique to PSP.
DSN formed in Croydon but expanded through alliances with other factions and fought turf wars with Shine My Nine, from nearby Thornton Heath.
As a doctor myself, I see daily the victims of drug turf wars, dirty needles, and the mass incarceration of poor blacks and Hispanics in expensive taxpayer-funded schools of crime.
Shootings linked to crack cocaine turf wars are fast becoming the country's biggest crime problem, the Government's senior police advisor has warned.
Just like that, De La Hoya became the undisputed junior middleweight champion and won one of the hottest turf wars the sport has ever seen.