turf war

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a bitter struggle for territory or power or control or rights

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But two loyalist paramilitary factions have declared a turf war in the heart of the community.
Although the exact reason for the shooting was unclear, it was connected to a drug-dealing turf war.
The fierce turf war in Lyari, especially in Karachi, prompted the authorities to launch an operation this September.
Bernard Garner, director general of transport group Nexus, summed it up so well: "If these bus company managers had spent more time on the quality of service they offered passengers, and less time bouncing between turf wars and secret deals, then the region might have a better bus service.
The Sharjah Court of First Instance sentenced the 17 Indians to death in January last year for killing a Pakistani national and injuring three others in a group clash, which was part of a bootlegging turf war, in Al Sajja area of Sharjah in June 2009.
Turf War looks the stronger of the Hourigan pair as he heads into the beginners' chase looking to build on a creditable fourth to Tribes And Banner in a similar event at Tipperary last month.
He had big plans to recapture the lost Congress space in the state but his efforts came to a naught because of the turf war between Sharma and Tytler that began a few months ago.
Chris Murphy for the defence said: "The weighted sock was in the van because some while back there had been a turf war on his round in the Wrexhamarea.
Thus, Timothy Lynch's Turf War clearly points toward its case study of the north of Ireland, while allegorically referring to the attempts by President Bill Clinton's White House (especially the National Security Council [NSC] staff) to increase its influence or control over the State Department's sphere of authority.
They are carried illegally to further a turf war and very often that turf war is driven by the drugs trade.
TOKYO - Japan's two major crime syndicates reconciled with each other over a turf war in Tokyo on Thursday, days after the killing of a senior member in one gang provoked what are believed to have been retaliatory shootings against a rival group's offices, investigative sources said.
The United States Congress on 29 September approved legislation that will repeal the 1979 Wright Amendment and end a Texas turf war between American Airlines and Southwest Airlines.
The public story promoted by the administration was that the resignation was the result of a turf war.
The reporter at the center of it all--captivated by power, obsessed with high-level access, addicted to anonymous sources--acts as a pawn in an intragovernmental turf war, becoming in the process a lightning rod for critics of journalistic comportment.
Writing from a political scientist's perspective, Lynch claims that the story of the turf war itself is both more complex and more important.