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A TURBULENT Person was brought before a Judge to be tried for an assault with intent to commit murder, and it was proved that he had been variously obstreperous without apparent provocation, had affected the peripheries of several luckless fellow-citizens with the trunk of a small tree, and subsequently cleaned out the town.
Leave your clutter in the hall, boys, and sit quietly down if you choose to stop here, for we are busy," said Aunt Plenty, shaking her finger at the turbulent Clan, who were bubbling over with the jollity born of spring sunshine and healthy exercise.
The fierce Sir Hugh Calverley, with his yellow mane, and the rugged Sir Robert Knolles, with their war-hardened and veteran companies of English bowmen, headed the long column; while behind them came the turbulent bands of the Bastard of Breteuil, Nandon de Bagerant, one-eyed Camus, Black Ortingo, La Nuit and others whose very names seem to smack of hard hands and ruthless deeds.
Nowhere do we find more vividly portrayed the psychology of the persons that lived in that turbulent period embraced between the years 1912 and
Mr Allworthy saw him almost every day; but though he pitied Tom's sufferings, and greatly approved the gallant behaviour which had occasioned them; yet he thought this was a favourable opportunity to bring him to a sober sense of his indiscreet conduct; and that wholesome advice for that purpose could never be applied at a more proper season than at the present, when the mind was softened by pain and sickness, and alarmed by danger; and when its attention was unembarrassed with those turbulent passions which engage us in the pursuit of pleasure.
After the death of her first husband, undismayed by the turbulent opposition of the chiefs, she married a rich trader, a Korinchi man of no family.
And now they had another broil with the three Englishmen; one of whom, a most turbulent fellow, being in a rage at one of the three captive slaves, because the fellow had not done something right which he bade him do, and seemed a little untractable in his showing him, drew a hatchet out of a frog-belt which he wore by his side, and fell upon the poor savage, not to correct him, but to kill him.
The Spaniards were often saying to one another, and to the two honest Englishmen who remained behind, how quietly and comfortably they lived, now these three turbulent fellows were gone.
EMIL serving monarch in The Victoria (BBIt focuses on the turbulent early years of her reign, as she became caught in a power struggle between her mother, her mother's mentor, Lord Melbourne, and Robert Peel.
Beside confirming a number of already mature and successfully applied measuring techniques, these investigations will allow to validate a new evaluation process by quantitatively determining areas of turbulent flow on the wing, e.
Washington, June 6 ( ANI ): New research has revealed that the accepted wisdom about spacetime not being turbulent could be wrong.
Key statement: Provided is a pneumatic tire including at least a turbulent flow generation projection configured to generate a turbulent flow, the turbulent flow generation projection being arranged in a range from a maximum tire width position to an outside bead position, the maximum tire width position being a position on a tire surface with maximum tire width, and the outside bead position being a position on an outside of a bead portion in a tire radial direction, the bead portion configured to be in contact with a rim flange.
ALLY McCoist admitted yesterday that he wished he had become Rangers boss at a less turbulent time.
He describes a turbulent period in the turbulent history of a turbulent place with the eye of a historian and panache of a storyteller.
It said that these unfortunate events taking place in a turbulent climate amid ugly sectarian differences.