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Synonyms for turbulence

Synonyms for turbulence

the condition of being physically agitated

an interruption of regular procedure or of public peace

Synonyms for turbulence

unstable flow of a liquid or gas

instability in the atmosphere

a state of violent disturbance and disorder (as in politics or social conditions generally)

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There are many different reasons turbulence happens, but the most common is CAT, which stands for Clear Air Turbulence.
Each process has to be treated a little differently, but with the same goal--to achieve turbulence at the heatexchange surface to maximize heat transfer.
In the United States, the most turbulence reports per flight hour are centered on Colorado, with a very broad area across Indiana and Ohio.
Leveraging Gogo's expanded fleet of aircrafts, The Weather Company can quickly share real-time turbulence data directly with pilots and dispatchers, thereby improving crew and passenger safety, said Gildersleeve.
Although the wind-averaged-drag approach accounts for variations in the mean terrestrial winds, turbulence associated with these winds and from the wakes of other vehicles on the road is usually not simulated in wind tunnel test programs.
This suggests flying a bit slower than VB (weight-adjusted VA) gives you the protection you need in greater-than-moderate turbulence.
Atmospheric turbulence is defined as "small-scale, irregular air motions characterized by winds that vary in speed and direction" [3].
2014) have conducted an extensive numerical investigation of a double-circuit Ranque-Hilsch vortex tube by applying and testing multiple turbulence models (k-[epsilon], k-[epsilon] RNG, SAS-SST, RSM-LRR and LES) using a three-dimensional model for solving steady state compressible flow in Ansys CFX.
Turbcast app is an app for the general public who lack understanding about the causes of flight turbulence and also for people who suffer from mild cases of fear of flying.
Running a business with "seat belts fastened" probably isn't a good idea, but being prepared for turbulence will help your company survive.
For numerical investigation of the flow in a VAWT, commercial CFD codes using standard methods URANS or LES URANS models can analyze both the non-stationary nature of the flow and turbulence effects [10].
Hong Kong - Several passengers and crew members were injured when a Cathay Pacific jumbo jet hit turbulence over northern Japan, the airline said Wednesday, as one passenger likened the experience to a "rollercoaster.
Southampton University is to lead a consortium from eight UK universities to investigate the complex nature of turbulence.
A British engineer has helped to develop a method of understanding turbulence which could save billions in global energy costs.