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Synonyms for turbulence

Synonyms for turbulence

the condition of being physically agitated

an interruption of regular procedure or of public peace

Synonyms for turbulence

unstable flow of a liquid or gas

instability in the atmosphere

a state of violent disturbance and disorder (as in politics or social conditions generally)

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If you haven't had to deal with due diligence before but want to be prepared, this book will help you get started and show you which information might be relevant for steering a company, for decision making, and for ultimately winning in turbulence.
Our work gives us an estimate of how much turbulence is generated in these clusters," said Alexander Schekochihin of the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom.
As opposed to pipe flows, rectangular and square channel flows, even in case of unladen flows, are considerably anisotropic with respect to the components of the turbulence energy, which is vividly expressed near the channel walls and corners being notable as for the secondary flows.
Although very complicated, scientists have always observed recurring patterns in turbulence.
The scientist added: The probability of moderate or greater turbulence increases by 10.
GCAA is set to form a work group to monitor wake turbulence incidents and support initiatives to improve airspace management and aircraft handling while encountering wake turbulence.
In most industrial process the flow is always turbulent and turbulence prediction is one of the most principal challenges for the researchers.
Winning in Turbulence encourages business leaders to examine their company in terms of three critical dimensions of business--industry impact, strategic position and financial strength--and it is from that context that subsequent decisions can be made about allocation of resources, management of expenses, enhancement of revenue and overall strategy.
The president of the ECB said that the world economy is still facing unexpected financial turbulence.
Commercial aircraft encounter severe-or-greater turbulence about 5,000 times each year, and the majority of these episodes occur 10,000 feet above the Earth's surface.
Committee to Conduct an Independent Assessment of the Nation's Wake Turbulence Research and Development Program.
The parameters of air distribution include, but are not limited to, air velocity, temperature, relative humidity, enclosure surface temperature, air turbulence intensity, and concentrations of airborne gaseous, particulate, and liquid droplet contaminants in the enclosed environments.
The observational evidence of the eddy-to-mean (ETM) energy transfer accompanied by the upgradient momentum transport in turbulent flows [1-4] reveals a major inconsistency in the conventional turbulence mechanics (CTM).
A Boeing 757 operated by Icelandair on its way from Iceland to Paris, France yesterday (3 January) was caught in serious turbulence over Britain.
This was where the metal's speed and turbulence level were the greatest.