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generator consisting of a steam turbine coupled to an electric generator for the production of electric power

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Another area, the turbogenerator, caused great concern in the Aracruz Fiberline C project but did not cause any problems for Veracel.
PITTSBURGH, May 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The Brush Group, the largest independent manufacturer of turbogenerators in the world, is boosting performance of its generators for gas, steam and hydro-turbine drive applications by leveraging ANSYS(NASDAQ: ANSS) multiphysics engineering simulation solutions.
The turbogenerator was shut down due to a hydrogen leak in its cooling system.
According to the agreement, Power Machines will perform the modernization of the rotor of a 1,000 MW turbogenerator and an excitation armature, the manufacture and delivery of a new turbogenerator stator, including spare parts for the stator and turbogenerator exciter for the Bulgarian NPP.
This report segments the global turbogenerator market on the basis of the end-user power plants which include coal, gas, nuclear and others (Biomass, Geothermal, co-generation, Combined Heat & Power).
An element of the control system of Unit 6's turbogenerator has malfunctioned, which activated the unit's automatic protection system that switched it off the country's energy grid.
According to the agreement, Power Machines manufactured and delivered to the plant a high capacity (1,100 MW) TVV-1000-4UZ turbogenerator complete with an excitation system, an exciter, and auxiliary systems, as well as two K-12-1.
Unit 6 was switched off Bulgaria's energy network in the wee hours Saturday after an automatic action of one of the reactor's turbogenerator electric protection.
Rolls-Royce yesterday said that the turbogenerator set would be added to existing equipment at the station, providing increased power - more reliably - to meet the needs of a growing population and tourist industry.
The temporary closure of the 1,000-megawatt unit was caused by a malfunction of a turbogenerator protection system at 7:52 pm local time on Saturday.
The ORMAT Energy Converter, known as a Closed Cycle Vapor Turbogenerator (CCVT) is a self contained autonomous power system specifically designed to operate continuously under severe environmental conditions, with virtually no maintenance.
Contract notice: Open tender for the award of engineering services related to the replacement of the turbogenerator of the incinerator of desio (mb).
The global turbogenerator market is segmented on the basis of the end-user power plants which include coal, gas, nuclear and others(Biomass, Geothermal, co-generation, Combined Heat & Power).