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generator consisting of a steam turbine coupled to an electric generator for the production of electric power

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Steam condensate is fed back to the deaerator from a turbogenerator and the process.
Calculated and harmonic analysis of the magnetic fields in the active zone of the turbogenerator in the load mode.
The turbogenerator was shut down due to a hydrogen leak in its cooling system.
At the end of March 2005, for example, while some areas were in the final phase of assembly and commissioning, including the fiberline, recovery boiler, causticizing, drying machine and turbogenerator, others had already entered into operation, such as the water and effluent treatment plant, the woodyard, power boiler, and evaporation.
The Investigated HG can be run likes a turbogenerator to produce active power and can provide capacitive reactive power to be able to compensate main power system.
Kozloduy said the temporary closure of the 1,000-megawatt unit 6 was caused by a malfunction of a turbogenerator protection system at 4:19 a.
228 crores from Reliance Industries Limited for supply of four SST 600 Steam Turbogenerator units for its Jamnagar Refinery.
The modernisation of the 1,000-megawatt Unit 6 included the replacement of the stator of the turbogenerator with a new one as part of a planned increase in installed capacity to 1100 MW.
The DIRIS robot will provide Alinta Energy with modern robotic instrumentation and tooling to allow fast and reliable remote inspection of the turbogenerator.
Harmonious analysis of electromagnetic sizes three-phase winding of stators of turbogenerator on basis classic and numeral field methods.
Also, after nearly 24 months of operation, issues linger with the bidirectional, high-temperature heating-hot-water Btu meters, affecting three months of data, and the gas use for one turbogenerator had to be interpolated for a different set of three months to complete the annual metering data.
This is connected to one-time export of turbogenerator engines in 2016," he said.
The other activities at the Loughborough site, including the transFormer manufacturing business, as well as its other facilities in Wales and Derbyshire, will be unaffected following the turbogenerator restructuring.
AlliedSignal Power Systems, Torrance, CA, has introduced the TurboGenerator, a quiet, multifuel-capable generator.
During turbogenerator start-up, the power-electronics unit (PEU) incorporates an inverter that uses dc power to drive the PM machine (rotor and stator) as a motor, thereby eliminating the need for a separate starter.