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Synonyms for turbinate

any of the scrolled spongy bones of the nasal passages in man and other vertebrates

in the shape of a coil

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The allergic turbinate hypertrophy can be managed with medications, such as corticosteroids, and if this approach fails, surgery may be necessary (13).
Coblation of the Nasal Turbinates is a quick, well-tolerated procedure that applies radiofrequency energy to shrink nasal tissue, benefitting both the snorer and allergy-sufferer.
The followings are different surgical modalities for turbinate hypertrophy (11,12,13):
The dissection performed on five cadaveric samples returned the average fracture force for three selected areas; Bulla Ethmoidalis, Middle Turbinate and Medial Wall of Maxillary sinus, which presented values of 9.
Those infected with aMPV showed viral RNA in nasal turbinate (Table 2) and trachea homogenate (data not shown) by aMPV specific RT-PCR on days 3, 5, and 7 postexposure.
Tubal obstruction by foreign bodies (5) and aspiration of turbinates leading to respiratory distress (6) following nasotracheal intubation have been previously reported.
Headaches that occur first thing in the morning are especially characteristic of rhinosinusitis, because they result from congestion in the turbinates that causes sinus pressure, which the patient experiences as pain.
Metabolism of alachlor by rat and mouse liver and nasal turbinate tissues.
To see the turbinates, just look up somebody's nose, Sobel advises.
According to the researchers, there is a clear correlation with the volume of nasal passages, the presence of respiratory turbinate bones, and warm- or cold-bloodedness.
The Snoring Center performs more in-office Turbinate Reductions than any other practice.
Computed tomography (CT) of the sinuses revealed a pneumatized superior turbinate (figure, A) and an ostium that opened toward the superior meatus (figure, B).
The powered inferior turbinoplasty technique can be performed using the Medtronic Straightshot([R]) M4 Microdebrider and Inferior Turbinate Blade with patented elevator tip.
Endoscopic examination of her nose showed an extremely hypertrophic left inferior turbinate (figure, A).