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Synonyms for turban

a traditional Muslim headdress consisting of a long scarf wrapped around the head

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a small round woman's hat

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Standing at the window, I watched her walking briskly down the street, until the gray turban and white feather were but a speck in the sombre crowd.
And she went to her desk at once and hung the black turban hat with the gold-green macaw wing in its accustomed place.
what would Pa say if he knew of Sackville Street, and what would Ma say if she was kept waiting on the doorsteps of that dreadful turban, and there never were such pawing horses as ours unsettling my mind every moment more and more when I want more mind than I have got, by pawing up Mr Boffin's street where they have no business to be.
They were both still in their fancy dress; one in a turban, the other in the cap with the ostrich feather.
These two squires were followed by two attendants, whose dark visages, white turbans, and the Oriental form of their garments, showed them to be natives of some distant Eastern country.
Having purchased the usual quota of shirts and shoes, he took a leisurely promenade about the streets, where crowds of people of many nationalities--Europeans, Persians with pointed caps, Banyas with round turbans, Sindes with square bonnets, Parsees with black mitres, and long-robed Armenians--were collected.
They wore turbans too, and thereunder peered out their elfin faces at me,--faces with protruding lower-jaws and bright eyes.
Of these," continues he, "with the newly developed talent of a man-milliner, I speedily constructed turbans a la Turque, and fanciful head-gears of divers conformations.
They thronged the narrow length of our schooner's decks with their ornamented and barbarous crowd, with the variegated colours of checkered sarongs, red turbans, white jackets, embroideries; with the gleam of scabbards, gold rings, charms, armlets, lance blades, and jewelled handles of their weapons.
You can see the otter face as the turban wraps around the side.
Accessory designer Olivia Middleton is bringing a touch of Hollywood glamour to the Gulf with her handmade bold printed turban headbands that aim to add an edge to outfits as well as turning heads.
Summary: Sisa Abu Daooh shows up at presidential palace to receive award from Sisi and cash prize of 50,000 pounds, wearing male robe and turban.
They come in gorgeous colors and detachable quality hair extensions that allow you to create a turban style head wrap in seconds.
If you look at the history, Sikh players went outside and participated in Olympics wearing turban.
The Turban List has been launched to recognise influential turbaned British Sikhs; including entrepreneurs, public figures, celebrities and members of the general public who have gained prominence on a national or global scale in their specialist area.