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a tax imposed on ships that enter the US

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24) Individual particular accounts could record several types of customs, not only petty customs and poundage but also tunnage, or subsidies on cloth exports, or ancient customs on wool and hides.
STREETWISE: Artist Mohammed Ali has painted a mural in Tunnage Square with Pupils Khalid Salisu, Abbas Iqbal, Mohammed Taher, Connor Howard and Lester McKay Picture: GAVIN TRAFFORD
Finally; in 1629 the Commons refused to give priority to the Tunnage and Poundage bill because their attention was then focused on matters of religion.
23) In the same year, the London tunnage and poundage customs record that Cloos imported goods to a total value of 217 [pounds sterling] 6s 8d, and exported goods worth 17 [pounds sterling] 6s.
Mohammed Ali, whose work can also be seen in New York, Chicago and Dubai, has designed the mural, in Tunnage Square, just off Duke Street, in a bid to revive multiculturalism in the city.
As the two men walked into Tunnage Square passageway, between Duke Street and Parr Street, at 2.
The Tunnage Act of April 1694 mortgaged excise revenue of 140,000 [pounds] a year, of which 100,000 [pounds] was to be used to pay 8 per cent interest on a loan of 1,200,000 [pounds] put up by individual subscribers.
The 24-year-old, from Bangor, in North Wales, died after suffering a blow to the head on November 15 last year in Tunnage Square passageway.